Where to start…Mr. Not Right Now, or yet…?

Ok, I had plans tonight.  Some serious plans, the kind you look forward to… Date type plans.  I had a sinking suspicion that he was going to cancel.  He does this.  He is a boy I’ve been on a few dates with, and I’ve mentioned him before, he’s the one who lost his cell phone, that I met on match… I’m going to call him “Mr Not right now”  He tells me how wonderful I am, I’m sexy, attractive, smart, sweet, blah blah blah, but I get to see him maybe once a month despite living in the same town.  His life has dissolved over the last couple months, and he’s working on getting his shit together, unfortunately I fell hard and fast for him.  And well honestly he’s been “cock blocking”  my subsequent dates.  Something that really needs to stop…

I told Cherise today, I figured he would cancel, and if that happened I would spend my evening blogging.  Sure enough, I got a mournful and full of sad faces text about an hour later.  He says all the right things… but seriously who gives up a night of hot tubbing and beer with a girl, (this girl) for a work function?  Well, you have him to thank for the blog time!

My first date was amazing.  It was my first date since the break up, and really in 10 years.  I was super nervous as I really liked this boy and hoped he was as awesome in real life as via text.  We texted for 3 hours before the date, and now I’m thinking of it, he almost cancelled on me… lol!  We went for appies, and spent 4 hours in the restaurant chatting, never an awkward  moment, we hit it off.  He walked me to my car, and we kissed!  It was my first (and last) first date kiss.  10 minutes later, he texted me to see when he could see me again, and we spent the next 3 hours texting.  A marathon of a first date, and spectacular in so many ways.  I was just setting myself up for failure…  I did get a little freaked out, I mean after 10 years in a relationship, I go on  ONE date and that’s it?  Really?  Obviously not…




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