Ok, so all this week, getting out of bed is a chore… Anyone else feeling this way?  I think I just need a vacation… or something… I need something.  I have a date lined up for tonight, MrNRN.  WHY do I give him so many chances?  LOL!  We will see… I may end up with more time to blog… I have 6 more dates to catch up on, then I can post them in real time.  I weighed this morning, and despite suffering what my mom affectionately calls “hell week” posted a loss.  1.8.  Yaya!  So 171.8.  Time to be productive at work.  HAPPPYYYY HUMP DAY (fake it till you make it!)


One thought on “HUMP DAY!

  1. NolaM says:

    Yeah… not to give out your father’s age… but HE can’t remember when Beer was a dime. At least not when he was old enough to buy it… He remembers hearing a guy saying… If Beer goes up to 15 cents, I’m gonna stop drinking… Uh-huh…
    Of course… in some small towns the drinking age WAS 7…eyeroll. They start smokin at 5…
    Yes… well… enjoy your week, congrats on the poundage.
    Love you Lemon Drop… 🙂 Mom

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