Hump day again already…

I was attacked by some sort of insect in my sleep night before last. I have a huge welt on my neck and a matching although slightly smaller one on my collar bone. I took a benadryl before bed last night. I slept really well, but it was yet another morning I didn’t want to get out of bed. I have stayed in bed only 8 hours each of the last 2 nights. Yay me. Last night I left work early to hit the ballet sculpt class, then fit in a brisk 5k walk in the rain before it got too dark. I have a date to visit with my parents saturday.

Honestly I feel foolish about being so twisted up in MrNRN, and I’m sure you all are sick of hearing about it. I think 10 years, and 50 lbs, I am not feeling as confident as I used to be, rejection is hard… even when you know you are awesome… (and now those 50 lbs are almost all gone, 8.8 left to lose!)

I was going to measure and weigh, but feeling groggy, and packing breakfast/snack for work, I only had time to weigh. 168.8 yep .8 again. Maybe it’s my scale? That is a solid 3 lb loss. Not that I should in any way be proud of losing because of self pity and not taking care of myself. I dug out the clothes from my original shot, I’ll take a picture here at work and post it. Or perhaps later tonight when I’m cleaning my house… it’s a mess…


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