The Ginger Logger, Name dropper, and Creeper.

I need to get caught op on these dates so I can blog them in real time…  I had an interesting one yesterday, and I want to blog about other stuff… but… here I am getting caught up.

So this is what has been happening the last couple months, I see MrNRN, and am smitten, and I don’t even think about other dates, then I  realize what I’m doing and line up date clusters.  so these 3 are all from the same week… so here goes…

The Ginger Logger.

I have a problem with red headed men.  I cant seem to muster up any attraction for them.  Maybe it’s solely a genetic predisposition, because with my fair skin, freckles and redish hair, to procreate with another “ginger”  would result in little vampire babies that cannot go in the sun.  I’m not sure exactaly, but that is my best theory.  This guy was a POF, as are most, no one has come thru with a set up… yet… 😉

We e-mailed a bit, and worked up to texting, he was super funny.  A little self deprecating, and has a spectacular relationship with his ex (and mother of his 2 kids).  I agreed despite his red hair and freckles to meet him, he agreed despite being up at 3 am for work, to drive to penticton for a late show.  It wasn’t the best place for a first date, there is no talking in a movie, and we were the assholes in the theater still chatting.  I liked him, reminded me of a guy I was friends with in high school, and he showed me pictures of two of the most adorable (red headed) kids I’ve ever seen.  He was only a 1st date, there was an awkward goodbye, and a next day text telling me I was super cute. But that was the end,  I was a little “emotionally un-available” this week…

Name Dropper

This guy works in alberta, on the rigs, and is only home one week of every month.  I can live with that kind of schedule, and we texted quite a bit for a couple weeks, we even chatted on the phone.  Him in a hotel, me feeling sorry for myself at home.  Now I think back on it, I think he was looking for a “good time”  while he was home, and I was naive to this.  I must be out of practice!  He sent me some mostly naked pictures… PG 14 at least.  A relatively attractive man, but yeah, I was slow to catch onto what he was looking for.  We went for a walk along the beach, chatting and then appies at a restaurant on the strip.  He was pleasant, interesting, but kept mentioning people he knew in both Kelowna and Penticton.  He was name dropping like crazy, and knew everyone… the girl who painted the pictures on the wall in the restaurant, the guy who owns the hotel next door.  The owner of this restaurant and that pub… I’m a bit of a stick about this, I think people who think they are a big deal… usually are not.  The last hour or so of this date MrNRN started texting me, one of the few instances he was trying to initiate us spending time together, and the combination of the name dropping and MrNRN, what started as a relatively pleasant evening fell to pieces.  Name dropper walked me to my car, and went in hard for the kiss.  I panicked, turned my head, and he landed square on my jaw bone.  Shit.  He hugged me for a couple seconds, laughed a little and said good night.  I texted Him the next day to apologize for the panicked head turn, to tell him my friend S who we had seen on our walk said he was “really cute”.  I asked If I would see him again while he was home, and he said I didn’t seem like I was all that into him.  I was feeling a little guilty for judging the name dropping and letting MrNRN “cock block” my date, would have liked to give it another go…Especially after finding out how intuitive he was… (haha!) But I did not see him again.


This guy, well, I’m not sure I can count him as a date.  By a technicality we were in the same room, for 3 hours, so he counts.  We texted, he seemed really sweet, a viticulturist and working at the marina in Osoyoos to make extra cash for a European vacation next year.  Between my schedule at the store and his 2 jobs we just couldn’t seem to find a time to meet up.  Then he started texting me emoticons.  That’s fine, even cute… but he kept sending me rings, and hearts and stuff.  A little over the top considering we hadn’t yet met in real life.  We hadn’t even spoke on the phone.  He shared my love of starbucks, and on one of the especially long days I was at the store he offered to stop in and bring me one.  I declined as putting away beer in the cooler for 12 hours, In dirty old sweats, was not the first impression I wanted to make.  We finally found a night we both had off, and we were going to meet up at the bar in penticton.  I was getting a little creeped out by the content of his texts, but figured with a few girls as back up and a crowded bar, I’d be ok.  Then he texted and asked if he had a few drinks, could he spend the night at my house?  Hahahahaha!  Ummm… NO!  No… no, no.  Not a good idea, I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that, and I considered not going out at all.  I did go to the bar with a group of girls, and I was the DD.  I had been to the bar the night before till 4am on a random and impromptu night.  (The night before some guy told me I was “stunning”… I curtly said thank you, and kept walking, dismissing it as drunk guys love me.  I’m dumb).  I saw Creeper in the bar, and actually avoided him.  I figured he would come say hi, but if not… that would be better.  I kept myself surrounded by the girls, on the dance floor, and sitting, like my own personal security detail.  They were amazing.  (Thanks Ladies).  The next day I texted Creeper to ask how his night was (and tell him, probably not going to meet up with him).

He: “It was Ok, how was yours?”

Me: “I really wasn’t feeling being out, but it wasn’t terrible.”

He: ” I know thats a lie.  I watched you in the club from 11:30 until 2:30.”

Me: “Really?  Why didn’t you come say hi?”

He:  “You never texted me back last night, and I don’t chase girls”

Me: “ok, fair enough, it’s not going to work out with us meeting up, all the best to you.”

All the while I’m thinking to myself, chasing, no, stalking though, perfectly acceptable.

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