My Dates Dad.

This cluster was a little older.  On the top end of my age range.  Maybe a little too far north…

I e-mailed with my dates Dad for a couple weeks, he wanted to go biking, sent me a PG 14 picture of his “leg muscles” (yeah, his crotch in his underwear, and his legs…)  and a pile of other pictures.  Looked like a tall attractive man, maybe a bit on the dorky side, but I’m ok with that.  He got a little snippy if I didn’t e-mail him back right away, so that was a little troubling.  We decided to meet for coffee and a walk thru the farmers market on a saturday morning.  He wanted to go biking, I wanted to see if I liked him before I committed to that.

It’s always a madhouse downtown on saturdays, and I was drinking my coconut green tea latte, (stupid starbucks doesn’t have coconut any more… ) watching people and looking out for the tall, dark, blue eyed guy I’d seen in the dozen pictures I’d been sent.  A man approached me, more salt than pepper, wearing a hat, sunglasses and a little weathered, he said my name… I reached out to shake his hand and say hello, he was my date.  He was my date.  Really?  He looked old enough to be the man in the pictures dad.  Easily 10-15 years old for all the pictures he sent me, except maybe the crotch shot… I don’t know about that one.

We walked and chatted.  I liked him, well traveled, interesting, smart.  But would I be able to get over the fact he LIED about what he looked like?  Or misled me at the very least.  As we continued to chat I did find him interesting.  I suppose I could go for a bike with him, maybe next weekend, depending on what it was he expected.  He just looked so old…

He texted me the next day, and when I didn’t reply right away he sent me a message on POF telling me to stop stringing him along.  I was hungover, and asleep on my couch, which is why I had not returned his text.  The combination of lying thru his pictures, and being especially needy.   Resulted in my learning how to block people on POF.  Yay learning something new!

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