The Double Header

I managed to chat with these two lovely gentlemen on POF and thru my e-mail for more than a month before actually meeting.  With both living in west kelowna, I skillfully arranged to hit WK after work for dinner with one, and coffee with the other on my way home.  I was still sapping over MrNRN so my expectations were not incredibly high.

Traveling Teddy.

I texted my girlfriend that works in a restaurant in WK.  I wanted to see if she worked, and if so, could she save me a table in her section?  Then if it turned out to be a total disaster, at least I know I’d a) have her for back up, and b) like at least one other person at the table.  I got dressed for my date in the washroom of the restaurant, no expectations, equals much less pressure to polish and primp.

I met the traveling teddy on POF, and when we finally worked our way from IM to e-mail to text, he preferred to just call.  One of the good things about older men?  He was interesting, and looked really familiar… like I knew him from somewhere.  He lived in Vernon back in the day, and we did know a number of the same people.  He is an enormous man, 6 foot 3 ish and Broad.  Like a big friendly bear (hence Teddy)  He works away and was taking the summer off.  Personable, sweet, and well traveled, so He had many stories.  He rented a space and is working on raising money for an orphanage in Nepal.  There are only 2 kids there now, but it’s a work in progress.  Still 2000 times more good than I have done for the orphan population of the world!   Dinner was pleasant, and he gave me a hug after dinner.  My girlfriend was spying from the restaurant probably chanting under her breath “kiss, kiss, kiss”

It was perfect timing, I got into my car, returned some texts and drove to the coffee place to meet the second part of my double header.  What should I call him….?

Genuine Enthusiasm

I’m struggling with what to call this one, he is a genuine nice nice guy.  At 44 on the top end of my age range, but not in the least creepy or overt.  He is fresh from a divorce, and is looking for a distraction I think.  Has 3 kids, and an impressive relationship with his ex.  The kids freaked me out a bit… 19, 17, and 11.  Yes, that is right, 19.  We met for a Tea, and spent a couple hours outside chatting.  A nice guy, and obviously still tender from the split (her desire).  Was looking to DO things, and trying to find a passion, kayaks, bikes, motor bikes, you name it he was willing to try it.  This is the guy who invited me to go rafting and a 70’s theme BBQ.  All in all a decent evening, and no pressure as I had no expectations.  In fact, running to the washroom between dates I discovered that I had put my underwear on inside out.  Apparently I need more practice putting them on…?  LOL!

2 thoughts on “The Double Header

  1. Vanessa says:

    umm..orphanage in nepal? sounds like a hand-holder. you should totally marry him.

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