Genuine enthusiasm

I get e-mails from genuine enthusiasm. He hates to text. A little older, so I get it. Sometimes there is a lag in our communication. I had an amazing date with MrNRN, and was feeling the 2 day later low. I agreed to go kayaking with Genuine enthusiasm. Change of plans, he sold his truck and had no way to transport his kayaks.
I suggested a trip to Naramata, paddleboarding and dinner at a winery instead. Really, my thing was I wanted to paddleboard, but without someone to meet, I would have spent all day in bed feeling sorry for myself. I’m not proud it it.
We rented the boards and went down into the bay where I had taken the paddleboard yoga class. It was a beautiful day, but windy. With the waves lapping in, balancing and paddling was more of a work out. It was good, my shoulders were even a little sore. Another great guy, but no chemistry, we had a good visit. We went to hillside for a late lunch early dinner, it was lovely. Genuine enthusiasm is looking for someone to do things with. And left to my own devices I will stay in bed all day. Another new friend…


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