Traveling Teddy

Holy smokes… A second date! This man really is a delight. Close to his family, the orphanage is a plus, big and tall. He likes yoga, and travel. I want to set him up with someone great. Unfortunately he’s stuck with me. He was in Summerland helping his brother re roof his house. And we decided to meet for dinner. He offered lunch, but I was stuck in the store alone. I offered a pallet picnic, but he didn’t see the adventure like I did. We met after work at the Wild Scallion. Having traveled thru India he loves curry, and the scallion is so amazing for clean eating. We sat outside and chatted, I picked up the tab. Traveling Teddy was amazed, no one had ever bought him dinner on a date. He offered icecream after, and we went for a stroll. We looked at the war monuments, he was really interested in them, and he told me about his ex. I wish I could conjure up some chemistry with this lovely man. But I have made a new friend.


One thought on “Traveling Teddy

  1. vanessa says:

    2 things
    1) enough with this “stuck with me” bullshit. self depricating in jest is my specialty but i’ve decided it does take a toll. and you need to own the fact that you are an intelligent, beautiful, loving catch. positive affirmations are in, self depricating out.
    2) sometimes chemisty isn’t instant..maybe the third dates a charm..i mean for f*cks sakes he has an orphanage!!!

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