Bahhhh! But managed to get in the .5

I went on a great date yesterday, and finished blogging about it, but stupid second cup…and the shoddy wifi.  I LOST the entire POST!

I snuck in a little .5 date today.  I came to town to see L&T, it was T’s birthday, but scheduled a lash fill for right after work.  I called Putting the FU in FUN to see if he wanted to meet for coffee as I needed an hour to blog, but had nearly 2 hours to kill.  He showed up.  Did not have coffee, and was only there for 30 min or so.  He’s charming, but without an activity, the no answering questions thing gets awkward.   He did tell me I was beautiful, always nice to hear.  I told him I would call him next time I was in town.  A movie would be a good date for him.  I feel the need to fill the space with conversation, It’s a sickness I have.

I’m aching to tell you about Lucky #13… tomorrow blog attempt #2 for lucky #13…

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One thought on “Bahhhh! But managed to get in the .5

  1. Lash Room says:

    I love your sickness when you come see me for lashes, though! I’ll be following more of your dates. Happy hunting!
    Xo Krystal

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