Lucky #13

I got a sweet n short POF message.  The profile picture was a guy riding a down hill bike with a full face helmet on.  Safety is important.  Not too old, here in town, I lurked his profile, seemed ok.  We exchanged a couple IM messages, he asked for a picture, I sent him one, he sent me one in return.  When I opened his IM, I stopped breathing.  Oh sweet jesus… if this was in fact a picture of this guy, and a current picture as well… wow.  I had an instant Lady boner.  I gave him my phone number to text me.  I know… I know… but seriously, I wish I could post the picture.  Then you would understand… in fact, I’m going to go look at it… back in a sec…

Wow.  ok, so we texted a bit.  He told me he found me exceptionally attractive, I told him to cool his jets till we met in real life, he may also find me exceptionally annoying.  HAHAHA!  I think I scared him… he asked If he could phone me so we could chat instead of texting.  I think telephone conversations are superior to text, I agreed.  We chatted for an hour.  Easy conversation, he was upfront and quick to answer all my questions. There was an equal exchange of information.  I like him.  We decided to meet for a drink the next night.

I woke the next morning to a sweet and simple “good morning” text. (and every morning since…)  Guys, if you are trying to woo a woman this is a good thing.  Short, and puts you on her mind first thing in the morning.  MrNRN used to text me on his lunch break, I was impressed, Lucky #13 texted in the morning AND on his lunch.  A tore home after work to get in a brisk 7K and some abs before the date.  Quick shower and was having a hard time deciding what to wear.  We had planned a drink and a campfire on the beach afterwards.  I even shaved my legs for the date!  Partly because I wanted to impress him, but mostly because the wind blowing thru your leg hair feels funny.  I changed a bunch of times, not enough leg, too much cleavage, too much leg…. I was running out of time… I settled on leggings with a cami and sheer shirt, and a hoodie because its cold and windy at night.  I even smeared on a little makeup.

He has this plan where he meets his date a little ways away from the restaurant, and then gauges on the walk wether he is interested in committing to a drink or more.  SMART.  So I met him where he was parked, a ways away from the restaurant.  He has a beautiful car.  Sporty, and blue, similar to my own.  (I love my car).  As I open my door to get out of the car, the wind catches it and slams it into his back passenger fender.  Ummm…. great.  Talk about leaving an impression, in his fender.  Not even 30 seconds in and I have damaged his property.  I considered just getting back into my car and driving home to put on my house pants and watch 30 rock in bed.  He was good about it, apparently some crazy girl threw a rock or something at his windshield so this isn’t the first time his car had been assaulted by a date. (yeah that’s right… threw a rock at his car.  Most guys have at least one crazy girl story).

We walked to the restaurant and I guess I passed the test, we had dinner.  Lucky #13 has this bare honest quality about him.  Conversation is easy, and he actually asked for the details of my date with Me show.  I like him.  After dinner I was freezing and I declined the campfire.  I came home and texted Lucky #13 thanking him for dinner and to apologize for the car.  He asked if we could meet up again this week, for more than an hour.  We made a date for thursday night.  Community center for a hot tub and swim.  That means he probably won’t be wearing a shirt… yesssssss…

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5 thoughts on “Lucky #13

  1. NolaM says:

    OK… we are going to have to have a few more descriptors. Light or Dark Blue car? LOL Backpat on Mr Safety not going postal about his fender. Does he know how to cook? Grin.

    • holleyrocks says:

      Almost the same color as mine, not as metallic. He says he likes to cook. I want to see him with his shirt off. Make me a bad person? I don’t care if it does. Stac- not only does he ride- he used to race. 🙂 and 13 down… 27 to go…

      • Banks says:

        Racing is OK.. as long we he isn’t super absorbed and enjoys it more for the social/growth end. ha ha. But fun, I think it is important to be with someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and has a positive attitude! You can always stop dating if 13 is cool, I won’t mind, ha ha

  2. Banks says:

    He bikes.. I dig it 🙂

  3. Vanessa says:

    Yay!!! 13 has always been my favorite number!

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