Lucky #13… again

Every morning this week I have woken up to a text.  Oh wait, that’s not true, he broke his cell phone yesterday, so instead he CALLED me.  How sad is the state of communication these days that him looking up my phone number from the POF IM and calling me is such a big deal?  He Kept it short, telling me he had broken his phone, and that he was looking forward to our date.  Honestly it was so sweet…

Then I got angry.  MrNRN breaks his phone and drops off the planet for a week?  I don’t know what was wrong with me…sticking around.  He texted me yesterday, minutes before my date, he has this strange sense for timing the date block.  But not this time, no more stealing my milk!

I had a kick ass work out with Karma. We are into our first week of operation get super hotter, I’ll post on that next.  I’m not going to lie.  It’s f-ing RAD.

Lucky#13 had rugby practice.  (Men’s provincials is in penticton this weekend… single ladies…) The plan was to meet at the community pool for a hot tub and chat.  I think more second dates should be in the pool, well… maybe not…  Yes, that picture is accurate.  Wowza.  Unfortunately the pool was only open for a half hour, we got there late.  He is fun, dancing to the music playing in the pool, and interesting to talk to.  An aside, he did make sure to park a stall away from me in the lot.  I still feel like a jerk dinging his car.

After the pool closed we went to BP for a bite to eat.  Usual date conversation, and a heated argument over who sang a song playing, I was wrong.  I am shamed to say… Me… the CD maniac, could not correctly identify a JOUNEY song.  Maybe that’s a good thing…

I took him back to his car, we spent 2 hours together, and made plans for a 3rd date tonight.  Tonight is a mystery.  I was told to wear comfortable shoes, and pants.  And that he would like to have 3 hours of my time.



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