Operation “Get Super Hotter”

I don’t know that I posted my weight this week? I was up 1.2 lbs, 170. It was from an excess of self pity, and chocolate cake. I lost my self esteem somewhere, I think it got tangled up in the blanket at the foot of my bed, then if fell through the slats in my platform bed into the drawer underneath. Thank goodness it fell into the work out apparel drawer, I may not have found it for weeks if it had been in the PJ drawer.

It has been a beautiful september, but I know winter is coming, it’s not safe for me to walk up by my house, in the dark, by myself. Plus spending all day at work, alone, working out, alone and living alone, well, sounds pretty depressing. This is the longest I have ever lived alone, and I don’t think I like it anymore. Some sort of gym activity is what I have self prescribed. Passively being around people, and getting in some exercise. Lucky for me, I have the most incredible friends, and have acquired a work out partner.

In order to mention someone in my blog, I have to ask permission, or change enough details/be vague enough as to not violate the privacy act. When I asked my new work out partner if she wanted a pseudonym she said she was fine either way, but the mystery sounded fun. Then I got to thinking… alter egos… super heroes…mystery… serious ass kicking. We would undertake Operation Get super hotter, as comic book babes. I even found some pictures…

Karma is training for a marathon. I am impressed by the dedication and commitment. I will not be running a marathon, or half marathon. I just want to be so hot, you can’t look directly at me. I want to wear my clothes like I’m doing them a favor. I want to be strong, and impress people by winning a push up contest (and not just a push up bra contest, I already got that). I am happy with my lower body, my torso needs some sculpting. I also have these last 10 lbs to shed. I do not want to be less than 155-160, and actually would even be ok staying where I am weight wise as long as I tone up.

I like Karma, she is no nonsense, and doesn’t suffer fools. She is prepared to work hard, and I know that she will push me. Our schedules work out for the most part, so it will be a consistent thing. Monday- Thursday at the gym with her, then I will do the barre fridays and I’m thinking Yoga in Kelowna on saturdays. Sundays, maybe a walk? Something changing and FUN! She will be at the gym Mon-Sat plus running during the week. She has a program to strengthen and increase endurance, even our strength training is cardio. She is also undertaking and rigid nutrition plan. I don’t think I could do something like that and not get crazy about it, I will be using the vi shakes for post workouts, and breakfast, and trying to eat as clean as reasonably possible. Nutrition is the largest portion of effective weight loss and maintenance.

We started on wednesday. Yes, hump day seems to be the theme, I just like typing HUMP. We took measurements

Weight 170

Bust 40.5, Waist 33, Hip 41, Arm 12.5, Thigh 23

Our workouts are super high reps, so we are starting with lower weights. I picked up Karma wednesday, and when we got to the gym we realized our tops and shoes co-ordinated, awesome. Co-ordination is important for super heroes. We both rock amazing lash extensions (Thank you Krystal at the Lash room in Kelowna… I LOVE mine), so we are truly embodying our superhero personas from the get go. 35 minutes interval training, 2 min walk, 3 min run, and the last set we finished with a “fist pump” also essential for our super hero personas!! Fist pump means, more weight, or faster, harder in some way. It is like finishing with a super aggressive, but extra awesome high 5. Of course there has been some high 5 ing the last few days as well. Coining the phrase “finnish with a fist pump”. I like it. I wonder if Nike would like to use it…



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One thought on “Operation “Get Super Hotter”

  1. NolaM says:

    Coining the phrase “Finish with a fist pump”. I like it.

    So have most guys for …well.. I dunno for how long… but it’s probably a while?

    See: Finishing Nail.

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