Lucky #13 gets a 3rd date. He really IS lucky…

I am not athletic. I don’t think I ever have been. When I was a kid my mom put me in gymnastics. Really because I had difficulties walking and breathing simultaneously. I was insanely clumsy. I didn’t play sports in school. I was too busy bossing people around. Student counsel, and party planning. I started working early, spent a fair amount of time doing that. I needed to make money, to buy a car, to be able to drive to all the parties I wanted to make an appearance at. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I started biking, hiking, playing any sports, and it was mostly thanks to the fact I was living with “Sporty Spice.” I appreciate that is something positive that I have taken from the relationship.

Lucky #13 wanted to surprise me with our date on friday. I am usually the one organizing and planning, so I was excited at the thought of being completely in the passenger seat. Refreshing, and showed confidence on his part. Unfortunately the seasonality of penticton ruined his original plans, He asked if we could go to kelowna. I know it is contrary to my rules, but I requested his Last name and drivers license number, which I phoned into Cherise. I also told my friend K to stick by his phone because if anything went awry I would be calling him to come get me. Maybe a little paranoid… I also packed the dog spray from my running bag.

He came to pick me up in his beautiful, sporty car. I am a bit of a tire biter. I like cars. I also have a thing for big stereos, but I’m an audiophile. Loud, yes please, and bass so deep it makes your chest hurt, but I want a crisp, clean sound. ugh… Not really a deal breaker… He drove his car like it was stolen… revved it hard, wound it out. Ok… drove a little recklessly, but he may have been trying to impress. It is a really nice car. Did I mention I put a dent in it? Yeah, that’s been covered…

We went to a real grass mini putt in West Kelowna. I always start strong… and go to shit. We chatted, and he killed me, even got a hole in one! But it was fun. He has a goofy easy charm about him.

From there we tore across town to Scandia. Hit up the batting cages. Lucky #13 loves the batting cages. Usually I have to be pretty drunk to play baseball. And again not athletic, but I made that dirty batting helmet look good. Afterwards we played some video games, air and bubble hockey, he beat me in EVERYTHING, well… almost, I beat him in skeeball, the basketball shoot, and dance dance revolution. My ex played 70 some rounds of golf a year… that affords a girl some time to play DDR.

By this time it was getting late, I was starving, so was he. He suggested McDonalds. Or… White spot. Now… at first I thought he was joking… or this was a test. I’m not against fast food. I love McDonalds cheeseburgers when I am hungover. But… operation get super hotter, team tight pants, and so many other reasons I haven’t had fast food in MONTHS. I decide White spot is closer to real food, and that’s where we have dinner. Heck yes, surprise itinerary 3rd date, dinner at the grease spot.

He drove recklessly home, and we held hands. He is really sweet, and to steal FU in FUNs’ line, He’s really into me… I like that about him.

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One thought on “Lucky #13 gets a 3rd date. He really IS lucky…

  1. NolaM says:

    You totally rocked your Gymnastics class though..And yes you were bossy at 4. LOL
    You had new shoes, a new shirt, a sweatband and sweat pants…stand back world… grin
    It really is ALL about the wardrobe eh?
    I would challenge ANYONE to keep up to you while pallet clearing.
    It may not be an official sport… yet…but your slack day at work has always been Mach 5.
    Perhaps he does not realize how much you respect your father’s careful driving…
    Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean you have to drive a car like it’s stolen.
    I heard it’s just a banged up beater anyway.

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