Waiting on the OK

I wrote my saturday date, just waiting on his approval as this Brave man knew about and has read the blog.

I’m rubbing my sore tight muscles with this crazy asian topical pain reliever.  I am sore… that means it’s working… right?  Must… be… super…hotter…

I have been amazed by the traffic to my blog, and surprised by who is reading (shocked even… reading my mutherf**ing blog).   I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to read, it is a bare honest me, really scary to post sometimes.

I’m thinking while I rub myself down with this tingling goodness.  I want to finish the 40 dates I set out to do.   I think that everything unfolds as it should…  So maybe I should limit to 2 dates per guy, I don’t want to be a heartbreaker… or a man eater.  Well, maybe I do, but I don’t want everyone to know about it. 🙂


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