Nice guys need to learn how to escape from a moving vehicle.

I’m going to call my Saturday afternoon date Brave. This guy, knew about, had read my blog and was still willing to go on a date. I have known Brave for a long time. We went to high school together. There may have been a little high school flirting back in the day. He and I used to shoot hoops, there was lots of trash talking, but I think I recall winning most of the time… It was soooo long ago… who really remembers?? (I do… I won…)

As Brave was a little apprehensive about what I may write. I did tell him he could read the post before I published it.

I had seen B out and about right after my ex had moved out, his GF had just left too. We exchanged numbers, and a few texts, but shortly after that I moved to Penticton, and really was in no shape to even consider dating. I just cried. No one likes that girl.

A few weeks ago I had a notification that someone wanted to “meet me.” I checked out the profile, and it was him! I laughed to myself because he could have just called! His profile is fantastic, funny, makes me want to work on mine. I started posting my blog on facebook, he read the links, sent me a sweet and supportive text. I knew I was headed to Vernon so I suggested we meet up for a drink. Somehow I convinced him to meet me on a “date” (40 dates is a lot… I’ll take ‘em where I can!)

Late afternoon, on the lake, in the sunshine, Chilling in a pub in the old neighborhood, we had a great time. A couple Millers, and some Nachos we covered lots of good “first date” chatter. Then we started in on the POF stories, and the crazy girl stories. Because Brave had already read the highlights of my adventures, I was completely entertained by his! The highlight I think was the story he told me about a girl he was seeing… a bunch of drama ensued and long story short he actually had to maneuver an escape from a MOVING vehicle. My abs were sore from “operation get super hotter”, but I was laughing sooooo hard. He had a few other good stories too. All in all really comforting to know the dating tragedies are out there for guys and girls.

So ladies… I can attest, this guy, smart, employed, funny, good with and loves kids, single attractive and available… who wants the hook up?


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