Hump day reporting this week was lacking.

I am a mess.   A mess.  My Dad and his infinite wisdom just spent 45 min on the phone with me helping to cut through the bullshit I’ve been piling up on myself.  I really have the most amazing people around me.  I am thankful everyday for my parents especially.  (thanks guys, love you)

Ok, driving home from the gym monday I had to slouch real low in my seat, you could barely see my head out the window.  G-riding in style.  But it wasn’t about style, it was because pushing in the clutch I had to flat foot it.  6 sets of 20 calf raises.  Tuesday I experienced the joy of spontaneous calf cramps.  I must be some kind of masochist, I LOVE that feeling.  Tuesday was chest, and a pile of push ups.  These boobs are heavy…  So are boxes of liquor, I broke down 3 pallets of product wednesday, roughly 60 boxes per pallet, after 12 sets 20 pushups.  There was some swearing and breath holding for sure.  I am really enjoying the gym, who knew….?  I really enjoy K’s company.  There’s a whole lotta fist pumping, face making, and laughing.  I was at work late on wednesday, and ran out of daylight, so I went to the gym for a 30 min run.  I still would rather hoof it outside, but it works ok.  Two things though… the guy on the treadmill beside me kept looking at me, I felt a little self conscious, fortunately headphones in is a deterrent for people trying to engage.  Maybe I had a big booger hanging out of my nose?  I was wearing 2 sports bras, nearly impossible for a nipple slip… The other thing is, when a kick ass song comes on the iPod, on the trail I can take a little pause and break it down with my bad self.  I owned a treadmill. (Libs has it now, I don’t have room)  I can run and take off my clothes, I can drink from my water bottle, I used to read or watch movies on it (I also had to dust it on occasion… not really used to it’s potential).  I could treadmill dance, or F all those strangers at the gym, I should just dance it out.  Watch for me on youtube.

Weighed with my clothes on wednesday, but I’d bet my lulu’s aren’t really heavy, posted a 2 lb loss for team tight pants, yippee!  They are gearing up for a “get sexy for santa” program, and there are some amazing deals right now if anyone wants to join.  I must say my Vi experience has been bar none supportive and inspiring!  I am a collector of incredible people, Brooke & Micah are life changers!

Left work early yesterday to go to a wine show in Kelowna.  A beautiful sunny afternoon, It was a chance for me to wear a dress and heels, and show off my back again body.  I even put on a little eyeliner.  Afterwards I went to visit the ex.  I made him buy me dinner, we tried out this cool vegetarian asian restaurant by his house.  What is the mystery stuff?  It looks like meat… but it’s not… he suggested we should stop thinking about it, we probably didn’t want to know.  Dinner was good, I mean, it was no white spot….hahahaha!  We caught up, and watched last seasons last couple episodes of true blood.  We were chatting about me going to the gym, and why such a gym hater turned coat, I asked him how he does it, he’s not working right now, so he spends all day alone, and lives alone, his response…”I’m awesome.”  Hahaha!  Some people are Ok being alone, I am not one of them, he is.   My ex is really hot.  Tall, dark, handsome, dimples, athletic, clean, funny… any single ladies interested?  But… he is a little selfish, emotionally unavailable, and currently under employed…His mother is amazing… best mother in law ever…What am I doing, he doesn’t need a girlfriend.  He’s awesome.

Ok, so work is ok, gym is good, the sun is shining, posted a loss, why the mess?

Well… a few things… I’ll post on them soon… (that’s right, cliff hanger….bahahahaha!)


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