Technical difficulties

Have any of you ever seen a youTube clip of a lithium ion battery exploding?  I had not until today.  I took my broken Macbook air into Futureshop to see if they could get it to recognize the operating system, I really don’t have the funds to buy a new laptop, and the idea of not having a computer, isn’t really an option for me.  Orders, emails, blogging and porn… haha JK, a girl needs the inter web.  Well the look of sheer horror on the faces of the 3 guys behind the counter as I handed over the mangled and warmed laptop gave me a daunting feeling it wasn’t going to be good news.  I thought the computer had stopped working because I had (have) dropped it a few times.  Carrying too many things, dropped it in the driveway.  a couple times I fell asleep with it on my bed and knocked it off.  I spent a hot day in the back of my car on the way to calgary.

I bought my laptop used, from ebay because my old HP was on the verge of dying, and I have used it HARD. My HP did in fact die just a couple months ago. It lived a good life.

Ok so… future shop.  The boys asked how long it had looked like that, a month?  or so…?  One of the boys asked why I was laughing to myself, I responded with a being angry makes you look old, and won’t help anyways.  So here is the deal.  My battery was about to explode.  A big fiery explosion.  And as I mentioned earlier I fall ASLEEP with it on my bed.

So once the bulging battery was removed the computer straightened out, and it recognized the operating system.  Now it would only work plugged into the wall, but would work none the less.  Yipee!!  The guys suggested I back up the computer and look into replacing it because the damage it had sustained inside made repair not an option.  I tried to give him $20 to buy a beer as thanks, but they aren’t allowed to take a “tip”.  So I threw the money on the floor behind the counter, and told him, “hey… I think that fell out of your pocket…”  And briskly walked out.  I’m a jerk.

Got home that night, and my back up drive wasn’t big enough to do the whole system.  I backed up all my pictures… The next day I bought a bigger back up, went home to do the whole deal.  I had been in kelowna most of the weekend for a yoga intensive.  sore, smelly and running late.  I had to get my LDB order in, #13 was coming over,(because he “missed me” aweeeeee…)  I opened my computer and tipped it up to plug in the usb drive to back it up, it slid off the table onto the couch and went black.  Fack.  So now… no laptop again, it can’t find the operating system.  And it has not been backed up.  I’ll have to blog on my cell phone.  And buy a new computer…

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