I use my sex

First off… last night I went out for a bit. Walk in and the girls I’m with head straight for the bar. I kept walking… “creeper” was standing at the bar. Awesome. No, still don’t think he should stay at my house. Then there was a man who told me I was beautiful and attacked my cheek, kissing it like a nervous bird. Again I had to resist the urge to pose every time he told me I was pretty. At the end of the night a sweet adorable boy struck up a conversation, my guess he was maybe 23… maybe… I wanted to ask him if he was lost and needed help finding his mom. I am flattered, but seriously, young boys… no. It was some dancing and a whole lot of laughing. Good time.

Using my sex. It’s a salacious headline. I was arguing with my friend K a couple months ago. He accused me of this. I tenaciously denied the charges. However… He was correct. I have even used my sex on him. He told me that men want to do things for girls like me. Even 40 lbs overweight. His exact words were “guys do things for you because you are not a donkey” He has poetic charm.

I am smart and capable, but never, ever, not once have I had to change my own tire on the side of the road. I get amazing customer service, especially at car dealerships and hardware stores. My dispute to these charges was that it was my personality and charm that got me these lucky strokes. That may help he said, but physical attractiveness plays a much larger role. I was horrified. How un-feminist of me. Women fight for equality, am I putting back 100 years of work with a pair of high heels? Plus I argued with him, I used to be MUCH hotter.

I feel sexier these days, It’s what I got, I love heels and dresses, and hot pink. SO a combination of the 3… YAY! I will dress up when I don’t have to work, grocery shopping in leggings with heels and a dress. This playing dress up was also exciting for dating. Which is currently on hiatus. I won’t turn down a chance to doll up even if it’s just taking my computers to futureshop. (Which those amazing men fixed!! I’m not as mobile with no battery in either of my laptops, but they are BOTH working, and I have done full back-ups!!!) Now I am noticing that I do in fact use my sex to get things done. Am I a terrible person? Manipulating strangers to get what I want? I guess if it gets out of control, It could make you one of those real housewife types. That’s not good.

Yes, I use my sex, I flip my hair, I tilt my head, I stand toes out, with a hip jut. I put my hand on my hip, and pull my shoulders back to elongate my neck. I hold myself with purpose and confidence and I fuel my stroll with the melodic click clack of high heels.

In actual fact, my hair is thin a flip gives it volume, I don’t hear well so the head tilt is so I can make out what you are saying. I pronate my feet, and if I don’t point my toes out, I’ll trip and fall. The hip jut is because my ass hurts from the gym and I’m stretching it out. Hand on the hip is to adjust my creeping undergarments. Shoulders are back so I am reminded to suck in my belly. The click clack of my heels is a distraction from hurting feet. Sexiness is faking it till you make it. What everyone sees doesn’t always match how you feel. Confidence sometimes needs coddling. So is it worth it?

I guess it depends on what is important to you. I enjoy the attention. Having doors opened for me and people tell me I’m beautiful. I get something from those interactions. I feel silly admitting it. So un-feminist…

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