While trying to remember what a new relationship was like I got all melancholy over my ex. I think of him often, and I miss him, of course after 10 years you miss a person. Made me weepy today despite the sunshine and the excitement of 2 more sleeps till I get some quality family time. I’ll miss the gym this week, also not weighing or packing any shakes. I have a couple topics I’d like to write while I’m off, but not sure I’ll have time, usually my time is dedicated to the kids. I want to do a piece that I need help with, maybe a couple bottles and wine and some laughs for sure, who’s in? Next week when I’m back to the grind…
I need to ponder all the crappy things that happened, you know, to remind me…there were reasons for us to split. Maybe I just need to stop being sad. That’s what my ex would say, “I order you to quit being sad”. I would reply “you are not the boss of me”

One thought on “Dammit!

  1. NolaM says:

    I would reply “you are not the boss of me”

    Hey…Who taught you that?

    We raised you co-operatively… Logic and consequences rather than domination and control.
    I used to be so proud of the way you treated your Nannying kids and how you treat your nieces and nephews now.
    Those related and those adopted from your friends.
    Because there is no difference at all once those friends or kids are in your inner circle.
    They are family…In fact… that was the hardest part of parenting both of you kids.
    You would drag home some new find and expect them to be integrated into the family.
    When you were in your exit left stage…we lost a lot of that ‘family’ when you moved on.
    Glen once joked that at least he didn’t have to pay alimony on the dozens of kids we adopted.

    You teach the freedom of the person and joyous celebration of the kid’s soul so well.
    Somewhere deep you have to know it to teach it… now to live it yourself.
    Truly believe that all the smart people that surround you, love you for very good reasons.
    Be kind to you this week… hugs to all.

    Show of hands of all that were adopted… LOL…
    Even though you never phone home… we still love you. Grin.
    We know you pay it forward in your own lives.

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