3 kids under 5. Holy bageezus…

I knew my flight was delayed.  I had checked in online but I wasn’t sure how long the delay would be.  An hour and a half.  So as much as I love those kids, and hour and a half to myself with a venti starbucks and my laptop sounds amazing.  I have just spent a week with my brother and sister-in-law.  My Nephews, almost 5 and just over a year, and an adopted kid, my sister in laws niece, almost 3 is living with them after an ATV accident in august left her brother paralyzed (details and fundraising info at www.corylegere.com)

I LOVE those kids.  C is the light of my life.  The love of a child is unlike anything else, and with my ex not wanting kids I intended on being the favorite Aunt.  Mission accomplished.  Who doesn’t want to be loved?   There is a count down till I arrive, and when it’s time to go I always get the “when will you be back?”  And “next time can you stay longer?”  Today C was asking why I had to go home.  Well, I have to go to work.  Not a good enough reason, he’s 4 so he asks again, “Why?” Because that’s what 4 year olds do, ask why, why… why…. ???  Well, I have to water my plants.  Hmnnn… so then he asks, Are you there all alone?   You don’t have any pets?  OMG, kid, you are killing me.  No, I’m all alone, and now I’m trying not to cry, because he is so sensitive, he would start to cry, or do something sweet like rub my back, which makes me cry harder… poor kid.   Last time I went to leave He told me I should live in the basement.  It really means something to get that kind of love.  Even little A at 3 got a pouty face and asked if I would come back tomorrow.  Gawd… they kill me.

Ok, so what did we do, we all got head colds, so it wasn’t as active as normal, and I’m broker than normal.  We went to the mall, old navy with a 4 year old is a little challenging, luckily he likes games, so we play eye spy and search for the M in clothing, because I now need a medium at old navy! C & A went to Brave with me, not at all what I expected, but good, and we all had kids packs!  Helps keep them in their seats with a box of popcorn on their laps.  We played peekaboo with the baby, and threw him around.  Really good-natured kid, just ever so slightly ginger.  Hopefully he’ll grow out of that.  We played play dough, colored, went to McDonald’s a couple of times.  C is a picky eater, just about everything on his plate needs to be one color, the other 2 will eat just about anything.  We went to the park and played.  We spent an entire day in our PJ’s, watched movies, ate cheese strings and purple grapes.  We baked cookies.  We read books, sang songs, danced and wiggled, and generally had a kid dominated visit.

I didn’t call anyone, or see anyone, I didn’t line up any dates as I had initially planned on, due to a charmingly sweet chat I had with #13 before I left.  Please, If you are reading from the Calgary area, don’t take it personally, With no car, and 3 kids under 5 to juggle, I don’t want to tax my bro and sis any more than they already are.  Plus It’s all about the kids when you are the favorite aunt!

Now because I am such a sissy when I get sick, the house time with the other little germ bags was perfect.  Did I miss my regular life?  Not really.  I mean It’s nice to be able to pee by yourself without a kid pressed against the door asking how you are doing and how long you will be, or sticking their little fingers under the door, asking if you need help.  Not sure what they would do exactly? Or getting dressed and leaving the house without some kid walking up, to give you a hug, but in actual fact has eyed up your shirt to wipe snot across your left breast.  It’s also truly amazing that people so small can produce so much SHIT.  So much… amazing.  I won’t miss the diapers. The sticky hands on my face, the whining, or pushing.  I will miss the snuggles and the love, even the part where they climb onto your lap and dig their pointy little elbow into your sternum leaving a bruise.  I’ll miss the giggles and the smiles on those dirty little faces.  I may even miss the questions… Why???

I missed #13, but we texted daily, so only mildly.  I missed my darling friends, and I really missed the gym.  The only exercise I got was running in the park with C, that kid LOVES to run, or skip, everywhere!  And picking up those kids, dead lifting a 50lb 4-year-old after he’s fallen asleep on the couch, not really a workout.  I missed the alone time to blog, but if I hadn’t gotten sick I could have done some of that while the kids were asleep.  I missed the gym.  Funny, I didn’t miss work at all…

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