In the beginning there is romance

One of my girlfriends sent me a facebook message, she said she was excited for me , giving things a shot with #13, one of her close friends had also just started a new romance, and they were basking in the excitement.. She lamented that she missed the time before “dutch ovens”.

So this is the evolution of things, you start with preening and primping, freshly shaved legs and a clean house. You go out to eat, watch movies, whatever your thing is. You send sweet text messages, and get flowers. You sit side by side watching TV, and you watch all the same things. Eventually it diminishes to watching different shows in different rooms, Work, and chores and errands, then the kids (if that’s your thing) take over. You see each other with a head cold, or stomach flu, the “dutch ovens” warm your bed at night.  Awesome…


One thought on “In the beginning there is romance

  1. NolaM says:

    I do believe we have shown you a different path?
    Did you forget to take notes? LOL

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