It’s my birthday!

33 years ago today I was born.  I don’t understand why I am celebrated today.  I mean I showed up, But I didn’t really do anything.  I arrived messy and crying (and relived a similar messy and puking for my 19th).  I was late,  2 weeks late and the joke for a few years was that I hadn’t been on time since.  My mom had gone into labour every friday for the 3 weeks leading up to my birth.  My dad was doing some running around and didn’t think it was the real deal.  My mom told me that he finally took her to the hospital when she threatened to have the baby in his car.  She wasn’t in labor for long, a couple hours, and she threatened to kick her family doctor in the face.  She also took me home right away.  No messing with my mother, I guess I come by this running hot stuff honestly.

I was a big baby, well over 8lbs, despite that my mom says I was the most dainty pink delicate thing she had ever seen.  100% girl.  Birth marks in all the right beauty spots.  An “accident”  my mom says, “the best mistake they ever made”.  My dad lovingly called me Hollering Demanding Yellin (instead of Holley Amanda Helen).  I was (am)  so loved.  They embraced who I was as an individual.  I would like to celebrate my parents today, and everything they have done for me.  I’ll have to phone my parents and wish them a happy “birthing day”  because my bet is they have no idea what the date is!



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One thought on “It’s my birthday!

  1. NolaM says:

    We remembered…Glen was talking if you were born before or after Dave and Gayle’s anniversary. before I think… we called them with news of your arrival and they said that they just got married. He actually bought a card this year… I told him.. if you send it… you are forever responsible for remembering and sending others. Yeah… it is still on the table.
    Yes you are loved. You have enriched our lives in ways we could never have imagined.
    Does #13 know how many times you were a bridesmaid? HE can wear the funny dress.
    I was just telling A how your brother is experienced at playing wedding, Him being such a good sport about wearing bridesmaid dresses when you were kids….and that Blue so matches his eyes…He does not like high heels though.. His blue smily Gum Boots had to do.
    We could probably loan you a ladder if you want to elope.
    Have a fabulous day sweetie. Mom.

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