Hump day already

I felt puffy this morning, swollen fingers, and feeling sluggish.  Yesterday I got sucked into my half-a-couch.  Home from work, and pouring rain I put on my house pants and wrapped in a fuzzy zebra print fleece blanket.  I had every intention of going to the gym.  But my motivation fell between the couch cushions.  It stayed there while I watched TV and drank the last of the homemade baileys one of my amazing staff had made me for my birthday.  Then I went to bed and watched Twilight.  Bahahaha!  Fell asleep while watching a teenage angst vampire movie.

The last week has been filled with gluttony and sloth.  Managed a couple runs but have been eating wayyyyyyy too much.  It was worth it.  I have the worlds best friends, hands down wonderful.  They planned a surprise party for me friday night.  I had NO idea.  Apparently it’s been planned for quite some time.  THANK YOU!  L&T, You are amazing!  Everyone else who helped and showed, so touched.  Plus all the messages and phone calls, I really felt loved. I was speechless, that NEVER happens to me.    Although in retrospect I did think I was odd when I phoned my m&d and they knew it was my birthday.

Poor #13 thinks he’s meeting a couple people for dinner, and walks into a table of my nearest and dearest.  He did well.  We had a romantic (despite my drunkness) impromptu hotel stay.  Again thanks to my amazing friends.  He kept telling me I have great friends, I wanted to just say   “I know… right?”

But hump day today, and I weighed at 174.2  not awesome.  So, back to the gym, and making better choices, no more halloween candy, or booze.  Operation get super hotter needs a jump start.  We have a new program, and it kicks ass, we will crush it…


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