rub a dub dub

Just me in my tub. It’s not a big tub so I have to decide if I would like to have my lower half or top half in the water. Right now the priority is the lower half, ass and legs. The water is so hot that the instant I ease into it My skin reddens, it is like when you blanche soft fruit peaches or tomatoes, I bet someone could slip my skin right off… some psycho…

Odd thought to have, anyways… the water is as hot as I can stand, and there is a healthy half cup of epsom salts added, after I sit in this water till 1) it gets cold, and 2) my dinner is done heating (in the oven, As I don’t own a microwave) I’m going to towel off and liberally massage my ass and legs with an asian topical pain reliever called jiva gel. I bought this miracle rub from my yoga teacher, and it gives you an odd hot/cold sensation.

It helps with next day muscle soreness, at least it helps in my head, physically I have no idea if this whole routine actually does a damn thing. Operation “get super hotter” has had a little defibulator jump to get it going. K has been running and going to the gym, but a week away, sick, and stuff at work has set me back. We have 4 new routines, a little less aerobic but more weight and muscle building sets. I love it, but it is TOUGH.

I am especially thankful for K and the gym as it is dark by the time I get off work, and It’s scary by my house at night. Not in my house, but out on the trails. We found a better cartoon representation of her. I’ll add it to this post. There is still some fist pumping, but somedays it’s a chore to lift a hand to head level. And it’s only tuesday…

I smell something burning…dinner must be ready!



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