Maybe I’m overwhelmed, maybe I’m lazy, it could be the brink of a pity party.
I went out last night after work, had a great time, and caught up with an old friend that works at the bar, a 4am bedtime doesn’t leave a girl very motivated the next day. Especially a girl who can’t seem to sleep in.
I should be going thru my closet, and cleaning my house.
I bought batteries yesterday, so I could be playing video games, Zumba or DDR.
I have people I can see and things I could do tonight, all in kelowna…
I have a gym date for later this afternoon. But I think I’m going back to bed for a nap. This is lonely. I’m lonely here. The grey drizzle doesn’t spurn my motivation, although I don’t think the weather has much to do with my mood.
Yes, nap, then gym… Then I need to go out. My closet will still be over full and in disarray, the clean dishes will wait to be put away, and the floor will still need to be mopped…

2 thoughts on “Bargh

  1. Vanessa says:

    i’ve spent all day watching madmen in bed. sometimes you need to do that too..

  2. NolaM says:

    We went to the Nut show at Parc Rec….
    And took a couple of boxes of baking to the Food Bank fundraiser.
    And No… I did not save any spritz cookies for you. Took the rejects to share at the dealership where we got the oil changed.
    I did tell our carguy to go see you at work since your store has the best selection of “Thank-you Wine” in the valley. Recommended he ask you for coffee… he is genuine and best of all… has a dog that he inherited when his buddy’s Mom died…
    I thought… Holley would so do something like that.
    I told him that you were one of those rare beasts… a FUNCTIONAL woman.
    You are you know… Every one else is dealing with personal stuff on the inside. Whereas you have realized that the only way to rid yourself of those issues is to toss them outside and stomp on them.
    Same move as this…

    Doing the usual Sunday AM event, welcome to join if you are rattling about in K.

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