It was a dark and stormy night…

Does anyone else remember snoopy?  He would sit on top of his dog house with the typewriter, and his stories always started with “It was a dark and stormy night…” I’m warm and dry in Starbucks with an eggnog chai latte and a cranberry bliss bar, and my typewriter is a mac.

I had a great weekend.  I didn’t get a single thing accomplished, and my house is still a mess.  But I did have a good time.  Saturday after my nap I went to the gym.  I watched some guy do one handed push up on a medicine ball.  I was trying to calculate how I could “trip & fall” and roll right in to end up nose to nose with this fine specimen.  What a show off…  I’m not even sure he was good looking, but I was impressed.  Probably married.

A quick shower and I tore to Kelowna, I watched the new Bond movie with Vanessa & Candace.  It was good, cinematic, but more feeling feelings than most bond movies.  It made me miss #13 (made me miss him more, actually amazed at how much I miss him).  The shirtless scenes, caught my breath a little, #13 has a BEAUTIFUL body.  James Bond quality, muscular and manly, and I’m really into chest hair right now (and mustaches, but I’ll get to that…)  Afterwards we went for a drink and visit, I had dinner, lots of garlic, crab legs and caesar salad, (I wasn’t planning on having someone put their tongue in my mouth).  It was really great to visit with the girls, I hadn’t seen them since the surprise party.

Vanessa had some of her friends come to meet us.  They were far more drunk than we were, but they are pretty spectacular, always funny.  She has great taste in friends.  One of the boys that showed up has been around LOTS the last few months.  He is madly in love (lust? like?  He is really, really into Vanessa).  But because of her upcoming move she has kept her distance, fair enough.  I like him.  Think this kid is adorable.  He is just so tender and sweet.  I’ve joked around with him that he should let me take him on a date, as he is 6 years my junior, I was joking (mostly joking, he is so adorable).  Plus there is a girl code.  Vanessa is one of my favorite people and I would never want to do anything that may make her uncomfortable, or cause ANY pain.  It’s obvious he is crazy about her but the flirting has been escalating.  I just can’t help myself, I want to devour this poor kid.

He is growing a movember mustache… I have this odd fixation on mustaches.  I would beg my ex who could grow a full beard in a matter of days to, one night only, let me have the ‘stache.  He refused.  He could have grown a Magnum PI style duster, but absolutely refused. 10 years with him, I had never kissed a mustache, only beards. ( I like beards too, so sexy).  Anyways… so “Face Raper” sits on my lap and I tell him not only am I single and available, I’m also “mo” friendly.  He says he is too.  This guy is sunshine, loud, funny, personable, athletic.  The end of the night comes along and we are all hugging it out saying goodbyes.  I go to say goodnight to Face Raper, I get a hug and I linger, I’m considering going in to initiate a little stache kiss, but tormented by the fact he loves my wife and is sooooo younggggg.  I’m not sure if he said it, or I just thought it, but I heard “yep, this is happening”  and he went in for the kiss.  He put his tongue in my garlic mouth.  I pulled back and started laughing.  Now as I think of it I’m sitting in starbucks with this HUGE uncomfortable smile on my face.  I want to laugh and cringe at the same time.

So I look at him, and go back in for more, he kisses me with such force our teeth knock together.  I was face raped, and I liked it.  He says, “We just made a huge scene and no one noticed”  So I went back in for thirds. Cringe…  head shake… laughter.

Vanessa did notice, she says she would endorse us going on a date, but it makes me just ever so slightly uncomfortable.  Coo-coo-ka-chew Mrs. Robinson, although I think I am underestimating this young man.  He did take my mustache kissing v card.  So glad I waited for the right man, and the right time.

Sunday I hit the Gym and worked out hard, ass, biceps and triceps.  When I would reach out to shift gears while driving my arm would shake.  I worked my muscles to exhaustion.  Then I went to West Kelowna to have coffee with Miss E. Took a leisurely stroll thru winners while I chatted with Cherise, I’m not allowed to buy anything till I go thru my damn closet.  Then I had dinner with my girl D and we went to the twilight movie.  Then home to watch family guy and bed early.  Just a good little sunday…

I don’t have much motivation to get back to dating.  It’s almost as if when #13 texted me to tell me he needed some space the “date Holley” symbol light up like the bat symbol over Gotham.  Boys that I had texted and emailed in the summer have popped up, I’ve had 2 guys text, one e-mail and one phone call.  But although it wasn’t a long relationship I’d like to give myself a little time to be fabulously single.  Dig my heels into the gym, get my hair and lashes done.  Really clean my house, go thru my closet and purge some crap.  I was secretly hoping #13 might change his mind?   I haven’t put a profile on POF, but I think I will after christmas.  26 more dates to go on.  I can count 3 with #13, and I snuck another one in there with “Brave” before I got exclusive with #13.  I have some pretty big changes coming up at work so I’ll focus on that, and start dating in the new year.   Maybe I’ll go on a date with face raper, before mo-vember is over.  Cringe…head shake…laughter.


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2 thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy night…

  1. Vanessa says:

    I had the largest smile on my face reading this. You’re right “he” is amazing. But you’re even more amazing. And amazing deserves amazing. Its like polygamy…and he and I could be sister wives 😉 I can’t think of a better idea than the two of you having a blast together. Truely.

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