Struggling with my feelings

I am angry.  I am hurt.  I am sad.  I had a troubling text conversation yesterday.   I want to hide in bed, maybe have a good cry.  Watch some girl movies.  I feel that he may have had valid points, Has this ever happened to you?  Someone says something shitty about you and you believe it?  I want to hold onto my anger so I’m not sad, but not have so much anger it screws up my day.  Yesterday I was boiling mad.  The gym helps.  I have amazing friends that would honestly tell me if I was way off… but like a blister on your heel, this is irritating.  I will divulge details later, once I’m sorted.  I need to remember… it’s not a jelly fish.


3 thoughts on “Struggling with my feelings

  1. Vanessa says:

    i had to put 5 bandaids on my foot today, blisters are irritating..but usually they mean you need new runners…

  2. Cherise says:

    Dude….seriously?…. Who said bad things about you? Do I have to kick someone in the junk? I will…I’ll do it! Tell him to meet me by the slide after school!!!! Oh, it’s going DOWN!

  3. NolaM says:

    When Holley was in Grade 8 I did an intervention. The Principal of the High School was a raging alcoholic and he was expelling the kids of Alcoholics that were calling him on his BS.
    I told him… “Get it together…You don’t get to ruin kid’s lives because of your issues…”
    The police, community and the school board looked the other way, they did transfer him eventually. Eyeroll.
    But there I was…sitting in his office. In his face…. Demanding he resign or get help…
    The best modelling he could have done was to have gotten help.
    He sneered… “How come nobody else has mentioned this to me?” He was a bluffing bully…
    I told him. “Parents are afraid of the power you hold over their kids.”
    He got this ‘Ah Hah’ look and craftily said… “YOU have a daughter in this school too don’t you?”
    I just laughed… told him… “If you dared to do ANYTHING that violated her code of what was right, she would kick your balls up so high you would be wearing them for earrings.”
    I looked at his ears like I could already see them there…He cringed….and never messed with her.
    People rarely have a stronger ethical standard than you. If it has any justification, you will examine your heart for truth….then address it.
    If not, you have the maturity to understand that sometimes it is easier to point at others than self examine.
    We have all rode that pony at the fair. It’s fun but you go in circles and don’t get anywhere.
    Failing that… You have surrounded yourself with friends that all equally excel at high kicks.
    Coincidence? hmmmn…

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