Face raper and the real date.

I am nervous about writing this one.   Ok, I feel like I’m preying on this boy.  But he’s not a boy, he is… he is really great.  Honestly, he could handle it if I was.    After being angry early in the week I decided I would not wait till after christmas before I started dating.  #13 made it clear he’s not coming back.  Plus… Do I look like the kind of girl that stays at home sobbing and feeling sorry for herself?  DAMMIT, NO!!! (OK, sometimes yes… but not this time!)

I had planned on being in kelowna friday, I sent face raper a facebook message, and he texted me back on friday.  A quick drink and then the rockets game.  I hadn’t been to a rockets game in easily 10 years.  He had planned ahead and gotten tickets, we had great seats.

Conversation before the game over drinks was great, I realized I knew little about him, aside from the handful of times I had seen him out, and with Vanessa.  He went to school to be a welder, so good at man things, check.  Right now he is a farmer, growing grapes, employed, check.  He is pretty sporty, has played and watches lots of sports.  Does yoga, awesome.  Something especially sexy about a man that is flexible and strong, another check!  He is close to his family, his niece, pretty much his best friend.  I know what that’s like, having nephews and nieces that make my entire world turn.  That’s a double check.  He has nice teeth, check.  (I really have a weird thing about teeth)  He is interesting and funny, I am barraging him with questions, and he is taking them all in stride.

It was a short walk to the arena, the game had just started as we found our seats.  The Rockets laid a pretty good beating on the Pats.  At the end there was a bit of a scrimmage in front of us.  I can’t say I remember much of the last game I went to, I remember dancing on a speaker later in the night… I was 20 something and DRUNK.  This time, it was like there was no air in the Arena.  Kelowna fan base is older, and quiet.  I have been to a number of live sporting events (thanks mostly to my ex sporty spice)  Soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, Football (CFL and NFL).  I would say is was the most demure crowd I’ve ever seen.

Having been up insanely early for work I was fading by the end of the game, and I still had to drive home.  He walked me to my car.  He is a delight, truly I think he is amazing.  As I go in for the hug, I’m hoping for another face rape .  He has all the best lines… this time he looked down at me and said, “We are going to do this” (I think, maybe it was just in my head again), then spit out his gum with impressive force and flourish… I got some more lip on mustache action.  This would be my second EVER first date kiss.  (MrNRN being the first, and last time I experienced the ‘stache we were not on a date).

We chatted in the car a bit, he is insightful, intelligent, funny, bubbling with personable charm.  This man has swagger, a sexy subtle confidence.  I have a full blown crush.  I didn’t let go of the fact I felt I was preying on him, which I would imagine, could potentially be emasculating.  Not my intention, it is my own insecurity, and I need to drop it.  In no way, shape, or form do I see him as anything less than a peer and an equal.  He knows about my blog, and I asked him if he would like to read, proof, approve of the post before I published it.  He didn’t care.  Confidence, chicks dig it.

He got out of the car, and as he was leaving, said… “you have my number…call me maybe…”  Seriously, all the best lines, and a mustache…swoon…


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