David, the over-thinker

This man would send me a message, e-mail or text, then immediately send another after explaining, it seemed like he was soooo concerned I would be insulted, or would take things the wrong way. I don’t know where to start with this one… I feel bad for him.  Probably not the best way to start a relationship.  He isn’t well.  Had a serious injury and hasn’t worked in a few years.  It has been a long, hard, slow road to recovery, and recently a slip set his recovery back.  He has pain meds, and sleeping meds and meds for his meds, then meds for the side effects, he battles chronic depression, even before the injury, so he has meds for that too.  Eeeeee…  Can’t even go to physiotherapy, too much pain.  He also has a 13 year old daughter, apparently she is currently a handful.  Poor guy has been stuck with his own company for years, no wonder he over thinks everything.  We met at Tim Hortons for a coffee.  It cost me $1.07 for a mocha.  So cheep!  But the edible oil product where whipping cream should have been put me off a bit.  We chatted for an hour, about as long as the poor man can sit.  He is really sweet, had some terrible dating stories, women asking for money, and a couple “schemers”.  It was a nice chat, and not the most terrible way to spend an hour, but I don’t know I am capable to deal with the sheer volume and scope of his problems, nor do I want to.  Does that make me a terrible selfish person?  Ah… dating him because I sympathize or empathize his problems, or feel bad for him, isn’t healthy.  Look who is the over thinker now!!

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One thought on “David, the over-thinker

  1. NolaM says:

    Two more friends to add to the bank? I was just thinking…
    Even your drive by daters seem to have redeeming qualities as people.
    Very cool that you have the depth to appreciate those qualities and can look over those healing wounds and scars to the beauty and potential beneath.
    But yes… You have also learned that you cannot actually heal for another person.
    You can get them a package of bandaids and a box of tissues, but picking off someone else’s scabs is just nasty.
    Maybe you could date David’s Daughter?
    There is no greater potential compressed into human form than in 13 year old girls.
    Unless it is 12 year old boys.
    You are sharing the hope with these guys that a better suited functional woman is still out there for them.
    The capacity to cut through society’s rules and get that warming blast of acceptance rolled into a hug is one of the best things about being your friend.

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