Tying up lose ends

I haven’t put my profile back on POF.  I’ve been feeling a little apathetic about it.  I really need to spend time organizing and purging my house.  I want to see my lovely “Wife” before she moves to another country.  I want to impress my new bosses at work, as I’m starting over with them.  Not something I’m afraid of, but… I like being an over achiever, I can’t just be good, I want to be the best.  I need to get a renewed dedication to the gym.  My Partner and I have taken turns being sick or on vacation for the last month, I am afraid to weigh…

I had an odd resurgence of old suitors, boys that I hadn’t talked to while I was with #13.   An aside, match.com sends me my best matches, yesterday that included #13, and today MrNRN was on the list…  Silly match… Any ways I had a couple dates this week, just tying up lose ends. Neither of these boys have the charm and wit of face raper.

Clifford the Big Red dog.

My day date was with a man, violently red hair.  Full ginger.  Ugh… I can cope with “day walkers” (that’s what face raper calls himself, ginger face hair…)  But full gingers, just don’t do it for me.  This guy has nice teeth, but the carrot colored hair poking out from under his hat… (insert Chelsea Handler visual here…) We met for a walk along the beach.  It was a beautiful day, cold, but sunny.  He rescues basset hounds.  He has 3 dogs ranging in age and size.  Sweet dogs, I was covered in dog spit.  We walked and chatted, he had a really rough year last year. Lost everything in a house fire, then had a TERRIBLE break up.  A knock down, throwing things, stealing money, restraining orders, assault charges, and a settled by a judge, separation.  Not fun.  It was a good walk and chat, He still, understandably, is angry and hurt, spent a good chunk of time talking about his ex.  I am thankful for the grown up and civil split, once again.  Clifford is a red seal chef, and he volunteers his time teaching young mothers to cook, how to make stock, de boning a chicken, making recipes, basic kitchen skills so they don’t have to buy expensive and terrible pre fab food.  He works 2 or 3 jobs trying to get his catering business established.  He is driven, too bad about that hair…  I may see him again, I really liked his dogs.

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