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feeling neglected?

Sorry, I have been busy… I opened the store with one of the other girls Christmas Day, and it was a busy one…I went for Dinner at K’s, she had 10 of us displaced peeps for dinner, homemade perogies and chicken cordon bleu! Was a wonderful night. I was back at work Boxing Day, and back to K’s that evening, jerk chicken, mango salsa and rum punch. She is a spectacular cook! I left the party early to hang with Goldylocks, his bears were at their moms. He was willing to meet me at the party despite claiming shy, but I didn’t want to share him.
He came over and we watched Billy Madison. We share a taste in movies, and we stayed up late chatting, him holding my hand, stroking my hair. Still after 3 dates and marathon texting everyday, all day and night there isn’t a single thing about him I do not like. Except that he is leaving for a couple months, I’m not thrilled.
We have lots to talk about and I like his view on things, we have heaps in common, he has all the right boxes checked without the red flags that have come up with others. He may be extremely detrimental to the remaining 11 dates I was planning on. But… not going on the remaining 11 dates could be really good for work, and the gym. And all of my neglected loved ones, because lining up and going on dates takes time and effort. Time and effort that takes away from parties and friend coffee dates!
Anyways… a movie and late night chatting, followed with a pyjama party, and I cooked breakfast in the morning. We went our separate ways for the day, him taking care of the kids, me taking care of some stuff at work, and then he stopped in later that evening for dinner. We sat and visited for a few hours before he went to meet up with his brother and sister.
I could just gush over how wonderful he is but I’m sure it will get old! I haven’t told him about the blog yet… I’m scared…
I wiggled out of this weeks date with GTL, but we did chat on the phone, I may have judged him too quickly…it may not matter…I got it bad for Goldylocks.


My thighs are sore…

Date number two with Goldylocks. We texted all week, and all day friday and saturday. He took the girls shopping and had some running around to do Saturday during the day. He lives a good 20 min out of town and offered to come pick me up and drive me up to his house so I didn’t have to drive in the dark and snow. Now, a secluded spot and his house for a second date, probably not something I usually would have done. He asked if I wanted to go for an ATV with him, his brother and his sister in law. I was up for it. I pulled out my old snow pants, I think one of my girlfriends in high school gave them to me, they are thin and worn. I went and bought a new pair from winners, it was time.
He came by my house and picked me up in this gigantic one tonne crew cab truck. Kdawg and S were out in the driveway, they both knew him, so someone knew how to find me if need be…I was dressed for function not fashion, but It was refreshing for him because his ex was always done up to the 9’s. I like a man who can accept the fact I don’t brush my hair…and I own a lot of sweatpants…
The ride up to his house was a good chat, he is interesting, my car probably would have made it up to his house, but i was relieved I didn’t have to drive. He lives on 150 acres, his bro and family and his parents both have houses on the parcel as well.
It’s a big beautiful house, and he keeps it clean. His garage is also big, and organized, I got a lady boner for his big beautiful tool box.
We were waiting for his Bro to get home, he made us a grilled cheese sandwich and we had a glass of wine. Chilled in his kitchen and chatted. It was cozy, the snow falling, the quiet and dark of the valley, the christmas lights on the house glistening the snow around the house in candy coated hues.
He has pictures of his girls all over the house, they are adorable! He is in for a world of trouble!!
I asked him questions about the break up, his family, the girls, work. I still can’t find anything I don’t like about him. He has family in town for christmas and he was supposed to head down to go visit, his niece was texting him, but… he hung out with me instead… His bro ended up going down, and told everyone Goldylocks wouldn’t come down because he was on a date. His bro told on him!!! He just texted me, they had a laundry list of questions for him, but it wasn’t too bad. He is really close to his large family, he says they are amazingly supportive.
It ended up just being the two of us. We geared up, snow pants, helmets goggles, safety first, he gassed up the machine and checked it over. Good at “man” things… OMG yes. We went for a ride up the mountain, easily 6 inches of fresh snow. It had stopped snowing and there was just a skiff of moon light. All the trees were heavy with snow, and Goldy made sure he navigated thru the branches without covering me. The valley below was sparkling snow, laden trees, there were deer hopping around, the rich smell of snow and burning gas filled my nose. Today my neck is a little sore from holding the full face guard and helmet, my thighs and lower abs are sore from gripping trying to stabilize (on the machine…come on…). The wrapping your arms around your date on the back of a machine is almost as brilliant as a second date pool/hottub night. Anyways, it was beautiful, he pointed out the deer, and at no time was I scared or felt I was in danger. He is a great driver. We headed back to the house, he made a fire and we watched a movie. Project X. I thought it was funny, reminded me a little of the big parties I had back in high school. The movie ended and I didn’t want to leave. So I didn’t… he has a HUGE bed and a view out onto a snow covered field. We put on some back ground music and could both starfish on this bed and wouldn’t even touch, but we did touch, he held my hand and played with my hair. It’s a bed big enough for a party… We stayed up late into the night chatting. I like listening to him, he has a great deep laugh, and a melodic voice. I still can’t find one single little thing that I don’t like about him, except maybe that he is leaving for 3 months.
Not being prepared for a sleepover he found a new toothbrush for me, a man prepared. A man who doesn’t love to shop so he stocks up when they are on sale. He had some last min shopping to do, and I needed to clean my house. We took his car back into town… he has a really nice car, loaded all wheel drive, I am a tire biter. He waved at every neighbour we passed. We stopped and went out for breakfast before he brought me home. I got home and was motivated to clean, did the kitchen and living room, mopped the floor, made dinner. He texted me this evening to see how my day was. He is great! SO great, and so leaving… BAH!

The vacuum sucks again.

That’s not really fair. He is a nice guy. We made plans early in the week for Saturday. He had hockey every night, and well, I had dates. This was a second date. I went out with him in the spring, he was my second date of the 40, super shy… But nice. I re subscribed to match, it was cheep, less than half price, so I figured, why not? When he saw I was back on there he e-mailed me right away. Having been out with this guy before, I knew he wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Movie date Saturday, we had plans to see the Hobbit. After Tuesday with Goldylocks, I wanted to see HIM again… Especially since he’s leaving in the new year for a few months. He wasn’t free till Saturday, he had the girls all week. No way I was turning down a second date with Goldylocks…
So I had a dilemma, cancel with vacuum? I asked him if we could meet earlier and go to a matinee? Yes! It worked out so I actually had 2 dates yesterday, afternoon movie then Goldylocks at night.
I went ahead and bought tickets, the Penticton theatre you also pick out your seats. Not sure I’m a fan, you can’t scope out the tall guy sitting in front of you, or the kids that will be kicking the seat behind you.
The movie was a full 3 hours, good, and a good date for the no talker. He was a little irritating tho telling me we better get there early so it didn’t sell out. I guess he forgot I was a responsible adult? Maybe he was just excited to hang out. Maybe he is a control freak. I paid, and this was the first time a girl had ever taken him out. Interesting. I asked if he wanted any snacks, I had face timed with Lib instead of having lunch, so was starving. He said no, I got popcorn and rootbeer and peanut butter M&M’s. Then he ate the popcorn and drank my rootbeer. WTF. What if he has the herp? Why didn’t he just say what he wanted? Lame… Afterwards I came up with an excuse, house cleaning, washing my hair, something like that so I could go home to shower for the main event!

GTL and a potentially akward meeting

This one has been texting me for months. August? He didn’t text me once the few weeks I was with 13, perfect really. He works up north, and is only home every few weeks. Back in the summer we had arranged a date, and I cancelled. I got sick. Anyways… Rig worker, kelowna guy, nearly every time I text him he is going to or coming from, the gym, tanning, or doing laundry. One day he told me that he was condo shopping, he just had to live on the water, living close wasn’t good enough. OK. He is tall and beefy, the GTL and a few other things, I think this guy is kind of a douche… Kelowna shore type, shiny shirt wearing…
The last week he texts me everyday, and he has opened up a bit from sexting to telling me about a stint he spent in the hospital , near death experience, his friends and family. He grew up in Calgary, just moved to kelowna a few years ago. All of a sudden, I think he’s sweet. Now I may be wrong, but we will have to wait till next week to find out.
L&T had a Christmas party friday and I was going to meet GTL after. He cancelled on me. I was soooooo relieved. A date every day is too much. And Friday I felt crazy rushed. Work, some bakings at K’s then the Christmas party and a date? Insane.
I felt bad for GTL and we rescheduled for next week. There are a couple reasons. First the new softer side of him is appealing. Second he had a very good reason to cancel, a death in his extended family, and he felt he should stay and support his dad. Family is important to me, I respect when it is important to others. Third he phoned me. Instead of texting he called me in the afternoon to apologize (profusely, and twice via text) for cancelling. We chatted for a bit, and he genuinely sounded torn up. I tried to feign disappointment but like I said as relieved to have a night off. Then I got to bake, and just relax at the party, stayed late and had a good visit. I truly have the most amazing friends.
I headed back to Penticton, it was snowing, but I had to clean my house and wanted to sleep in my own bed. Goldylocks was texting me most of the week, was so sweet Friday, asking me to text him when I got home safe and telling me how he was looking forward to our Saturday date. I really haven’t found a single thing I don’t like about him yet. I got home around midnight and decided to meet D for a merry hoho drink. I went down to best damn to meet her, and saw one of my coworkers K. I walked up to say Hi and she tried to warn me that #13 was there. Oh, good. Not that it’s a big deal, I’m over it, but I wasn’t sure how he would be. He was there with a group, and I think a new girlfriend. That’s good for him. We exchanged hellos, he admitted to reading my blog still sometimes, head shake… I wonder if MrNRN still reads it? Anyways, it was all fine and dandy, D had a good laugh at my expense because it could have been a train wreck of awkward, it wasn’t bad at all. We went to the bar after and watched people dance. Some laughs for sure!

low expecations

The next time I think 5 dates in as many days is a good idea, will somebody come over and slap me? Please. This is excessive. Ok, the guy tonight messaged me on match months ago, then again on POF, I’ve seen him come into the store a couple times. He has been suuuppperrrrr patient. This was a little worrying. I finally agreed to meet him for coffee tonight. He suggested Tim Hortons. I think I would like Timmies more if they had real whipped cream instead of edible oil product. I finished work, came home, loaded my dishwasher, talked to my mom, just BARELY changed out of my work sweats into jeans. I considered not changing, because I simply didn’t care. My shirt was dirty, but I didn’t bother to change it. Didn’t brush my teeth or hair, just wanted to get this over with.
He showed up on time, seemed nervous at first. As I chatted with him, I discovered he was sarcastic, super smart, and funny. A little warped, and doesn’t suffer fools. I laughed out loud a few times, I did not get from his e-mails or texts that he and I would get along. He was in the army, suffered an injury and is retraining. Is an online gamer, and yes he does sometimes wear a headset. AWESOME! He drives a new camaro. I love new camaros… I don’t know why, but I do. He has a big italian family.
I told him about my dating and blogging, he said it seemed like a cool idea, but he would never do something like that, because he just doesn’t like people. This guy reminded me of my brother. Probably not what he was looking for…

Unicorn, the second date

So this is the guy who asked for my number at the bar, He texts me everyday. Our date, he picked me up, and we went for sushi. He picked the place, and took charge ordering. I had to hold my tongue. I am so used to being the boss I know sometimes I can be emasculating. We chatted, he told be some great story about mud wrestling with strippers, I got to brag that I had danced on electric circus. Turns out right now he lives with his parents, working on recent move, new job and finding a place of his own. He was online dating, but seemed pretty fed up with it all.
After dinner we went to play pool. Anyone ever seen me play pool? 1) I suck. I don’t like doing things I’m not good at. 2) because I suck I have zero patience for it. I don’t care about lining up my shot, I just want to get it over with so I can get back to my drink. It was tolerable, we chatted, he beat me, and spent the majority of the time looking at my ass. I guess that’s why boys want girls to play pool? After I lost 3 games we went to a pub for drink. We chatted over drinks and I told him about the blog, and my dates, he didn’t have any super crazy dating stories. Nice guy, decent date. Another one down…

Goldylocks and the three bears

I had no idea what to call this one. We went to the wild scallion for dinner, he had been there before. He lives here in pen, has spent the last year and a half single, and now ready to date. He sounded very much like me on his POF profile. No picture so I went in totally blind. He was a day walker, fair, but more blonde, reddish face hair, cute. He was chatty, interesting, funny. He has 3 little girls, shared custody and a good relationship with his ex. I know the scallion closes at 8, our date was at 7, an hour is good for dinner, but not a terribly long time.
Dinner was great, an hour wasn’t enough time! I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about this guy. He claims to be super shy, but chatted easily with me. After dinner we walked over to a pub to have a drink, maybe play pool, but it turns out, neither of us overly enjoys pool. PERFECT! So we sat and chatted until I had to go home to bed. This head cold has been re-appearing at random, with exhaustion, coughing fits and sinus headaches. Last night was exhaustion.
I didn’t want to stop chatting with him. He walked me back to the car, and we hugged. It was easy and natural. Unfortunately… he is leaving after the holidays to work up north for a couple months. Shit. I like him. It seems like we have lots in common, and he’s not overtly needy. Maybe I can see him a couple times before he leaves town…

Folding laundry now, and trying to decide what to wear for tonights date with Unicorn. He is picking me up and we are having dinner, but I don’t know where. He told me he wants to make out with me high school style. Umm… man is he in for a surprise, high school style for me would be platonic hanging out and then me setting him up with one of my friends. next week I need to measure and weigh, it’s almost been a year! Happy hump day


Vanessa and I have been “married on facebook” for a few years. We worked together at a pub, I liked her, Candace was our mutual friend, so when I hung out with her outside of work it would often be a trio. One night I had a huge fight with my ex, and I went down to work to have a drink and try to decide what I would do. (we broke up, and I moved out, then got back together a year later). I don’t remember if she was working or just hanging out, but she was supportive and funny. Events over the next few months are blurry, but the long and short of it was we started friendship. She is a few years younger, but mature beyond her years, compassionate, and fun. Most of my friends at the time were married or coupled, or out of town, so being shattered by heartbreak it was refreshing to go out and dance on a speaker. I met some of her great friends, and her family, we went out drinking and took turns driving while one or the other was intoxicated. Vanessa is the person who first took me to the yoga studio. Truly a life changing experience for me. We had movie nights, and breakfast dates, spent quite a bit of time at the strippers and saw Tenacious D in Vancouver!
During the year I lived in Calgary she came out to visit, and aside from my parents, she was the only one who made it out to see me. (My ex was going to once and cancelled, bad weather, fair enough…yep!) We went to the zoo, and she sat at my bar all night. One night we were chatting on the phone, people used to do that back in the day! And her brother had just gotten engaged, I said I wanted to be married, she did to. So we made it official on facebook. I think we are coming up on our 5th anniversary. I had a couple messages from people I hadn’t talked to since highschool asking if I was a lesbian, but mostly it went un noticed.
Vanessa is a nurse, and she is amazing at her job. Her demeanour on top of her ability to be calm in a crisis and intelligence makes her a key employee. She was promoted to a supervisor role at the hospital. Some nights she was running that shit. I am so proud of her. So proud.
Without telling you her entire life story, she decided to move, start a new adventure. She is leaving to go work in the U.S. I am equally excited and morose about the whole thing. Most of the sadness is entirely selfish. I’ll miss the breakfast dates, and her amazing friends and family. I’ll miss the random nights out, her hugs, sleepovers and so much more. I know that despite the miles between us she is always my cheerleader. And I hers. It was her idea to start this blog, another life changing experience for me.
I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people, and so much love, I am thankful for each and everyone of you… But My darling V is moving away. Now phone calls and skype will satiate my need, facebook, e-mail, and I can always use up some airmiles and hop on a plane. But I will miss her. She has had a farewell tour, but there is never enough time to see everyone and do everything.
So what is the point of this post? I want the world to know, without her, I wouldn’t have wrote, or gone to yoga. Without her I would be a different person. I am so thankful for every second I have had with her because I feel she has contributed positively to who I am. And I am so proud of her, every second of everyday. I’m excited to have the chance to watch her emerge shining.

Setting them up, and knocking them down!

Ok, so back on POF, and on match, plus some meet locals website. I am having a hell of a time keeping everyone straight. I have a date Tuesday, sushi, Wednesday dinner, Thursday coffee, Friday a Christmas party and a late night date (if the world is ending I wanna go out with a bang…bahahahaha! :-)), Saturday a movie, and Sunday coffee. Whew…it’s going to be a hectic week. I haven’t eaten pub food in over a week I have been packing my lunch! Last week I went to Starbucks Monday at the airport, and I didn’t go again till Friday! Pretty impressive for this girl. I feel thin. Today at least. Wish me luck…


I really struggled with what to name this one. Nice guy, employed, not too old, reasonably attractive, He has really pretty blue/green eyes. He just, well, he just, was… plain. No spark. We went for lunch because his schedule is straight graveyards. He has a daughter he rarely gets to see, and has what seems like a run of bad luck, just in general. I am having a really hard time with these men that need to be rescued. I don’t want to. I want someone who is independant,and fun. Dating should be fun. Yes, a relationship is someone who helps you thru your highs and lows, but it’s overwhelming to sign up for that from the first date. I understand the loneliness but sometimes a person needs to bask in it, and get their baggage all organized before they try to go on another trip, (start a new relationship, see, that was a metaphor). Some people just can’t do that. They need a spousal equivalent. I do not. So yeah, a couple hours we chatted, he held my hand for a bit, but it made me uncomfortable. Not in an impish playful way like FU, more like I was being bullied into romance. I’m not good at hiding my feelings about something like that. It was obvious to me that we had near nothing in common by the end of the date, but he has texted a couple times since. I named him Demure because I spent the night at K’s house last night, and it was the word of the day, it kinda fits.

22 dates down…