Cliffords’ second date, and a neon mustache party

There was a hiccup with paperwork on friday, So instead of being there all night doing inventory, I finished work early!!! Yipee, I went out with D, stayed out way too late, but had a great time with her. It means next week will be a little hectic… but I can handle it.

David the over thinker stopped by my work on friday night, and sent me a “where do you see this going” text saturday. A guy who wants to lock me down, this time after one date. Shit. I tried to be as kind as possible while being honest. Are there that many horrible people out there? I guess most people just want to be loved. I think people want someone to like them, perfectly normal! Of course I am a little gun-shy, and he has a whole lot of issues he needs to sort out.

I had arranged a brunch date with Clifford saturday, actually, he arranged the brunch date, he had won a group costume contest at the elite dressing up his hounds on halloween and had a GC to use. We had pretty good eggs benny and juice. The elite has been in Penticton since the 20’s and hasn’t had a reno since the 70’s. It’s a pretty cool place, shag, orange and brown, year round christmas lights, Elvis stuff all over, a hodgepodge of decor, dive sheik. We chatted for a little over 2 hours. He is so driven, working on getting a catering business up and running in the spring, he has already secured one possibly 2 places. He works 3 jobs to save money, his business plan sounds pretty solid. (3 jobs plus he volunteers his time teaching young mothers to cook). He is close to his family (sisters), lives next door to his Mom & Dad. Smart and ambitious. Passionate about what he does, the kind of chef I would kill to have If I was still running a pub or restaurant. He has a radio announcer voice, smooth and deep. I could listen to him talk for hours, and he does. I just have to close my eyes, that violently red hair… and kitchen boy face hair in a matching carrot hue. Ugh… I can’t do it. His insane work schedule doesn’t equate to many dates, I can handle being friends with him, yes new friend! A new friend that can cook like a hot damn.

After the date I went to the pawn shop, they converted a nightclub I guess there is more business in pawning, I bought 2 $2 DVD’s, Zoolander, and P.S. I love you. I’m gonna cry, that, and The notebook are kleenex soakers. I was going to write my date yesterday, but when I went to Starbucks all the outlet friendly tables were taken, and with no battery in either of my computers, I’m wall bound. I think I can afford a new computer, maybe a tablet soon, so then I can be creatively mobile. So I drank my tea and headed home, watched Zoolander and had a little nap. I packed a suitcase of awesome neon and 90’s clothes and headed over to T’s. I had more than enough to share, all 3 of us were decked out.

We went to a pub for a drink, had everyone staring, full neon and hot pants all around.  Then we started playing with a pack of stick on mustaches I found in my tickle trunk.  We were fairly intoxicated, but it was terribly fun!  We wandered over the club, where in addition to the neon 90’s and mustache party they played 90’s music.  Oh my, some way back jams, we danced hard all night.  My feet were killing me, the stiletto sneakers I’ve had since the 90’s aren’t super comfortable… silly drunk me forgot to put liners in them.

Some YOUNG man was lurking around the 3 of us.  Kept telling me how hot we all were.  He desperately tried to take one or all of us home with him, even going so far as taking my hand and leading me towards the door.  Oh, the brash confidence of a 22 year old…  I managed to use all my best lines on him, like “Oh honey, I could have been your babysitter” and the best, “You need to leave me alone or I’m going to tell your Mom, because we are probably friends!”  Face raper is an entirely appropriate age, especially in comparison! (And far more charming!)  I was approached by a guy, who asked for my number, seemed nice enough, and I admired his confidence, approaching a girl dressed in head to toe neon dancing like a dork.  He texted me today, a banker, we have a coffee date thursday of this week.  How do you like that?  Old school, meeting someone in real life, at a bar!  It will be my 21st date, halfway done the 40 dates!

I was moderately hungover today, but another sunny and warm day, I walked off some bourbon.  4K along the beach, it was beautiful.  Bed early tonight to be ready for a hectic week at work…


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