I held it together, no tears despite the questions. No tears on the drive up. No crying as I waved goodbye. I cleared security, got a tea and sat down. Then my BROTHER sent me a sweet text, and I dissolved into tears. The woman across from me asked if I was ok. I’m sitting here in the airport crying, and on top of the head cold I am a snotty mess. I spent 4 glorious days colouring and playing trains. We played play dough and watched movies and read books. This time I showed up sick so I can blame work and long hours instead of those adorable snot faces. Baby G wasn’t well today, puked all over me. Baby puke on you is wayyyyyy better than grown up puke. We had a birthday party for C, 5 next week, so some cake and open gym time. So much fun.

Because of an insane work week last week (10-12 hrs per day) I didn’t go to the gym or on a single date. My store was sold, something that involved quite a lot of paperwork, organizing etc. I should be able to negotiate a better schedule from here on, it will be busy, Christmas cheer and all, but I need to take care of myself!


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