I have a full blown head cold. A coughing fit, dripping red nose head cold. I am gross. I haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks. I managed a half work out with Karma after work today. It felt good to be there even just for a bit. But I feel heavy, and hormonal, and I miss my family already. But… I still went on a date tonight. I met this guy at the bar when we went out for the neon moustache party. He approached me, and asked for my number. We chatted a bit, but I was paired up with a tumbler of honey Jack most of the night, some of the details are a little fuzzy. He texted me the next day, and we couldn’t make our schedules match up. We had a date for thursday last week, but with the sale going thru, I had to be at work. We rescheduled for tonight. Something casual, coffee. He texted me nearly every day, and a bunch of times today. I was impressed by his bold approach. Asking for my number while outfitted in neon and dancing like huge dork. I knew very little about him. We met in real life, no profiles to read or pictures to creep. We had a good hour visit. He said we were a couple unicorns. Both 33 year old employed, no kids, no pets, relatively baggage free. He is smart, works in banking. also in the army reserves (went to bosnia, crazy…). Close to his family, sees his nieces once a week or so. He claims to be a bit of an introvert. Admitted to online gaming, but he doesn’t wear a headset, I asked. It was an easy conversation, he asked if we could meet up for a real dinner date sometime next week. As we got up to leave he put on a Denver Bronco’s jacket. I love Peyton Manning (the quarterback for the broncs) He told me I just got infinitely cooler for knowing about NFL. Awesome. He texted right after the date to tell me he was looking forward to the next one. So sweet.
I came home and checked POF while I waited for the kettle to boil for some tea, and there was #13, showed up on my matches. Bahhhh. How is that for a potentially awkward moment, online now…


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