Funny thing about feeling feelings

You just never know when things are going to creep up on you. I suck at sleeping in, despite staying up late 1am, I was up shortly after 7. Got a great “good morning babe” text from Cherise while laying in bed, I hoped I would fall back asleep. No luck. I started thinking… Looking out the window, the snow is falling, and the pile of dishes in the sink catches my eye. My house is a mess, 450sq feet packed full of my crap. And it is strewn everywhere…I need to spend 2 solid days holed in going thru my closet mostly, then everything else… I know I would feel amazing once I got it done. But I haven’t had the self discipline to just do it. I started thinking about how clean our house was, my ex was a great roommate, clean and organized, and his A-type clean standards motivated me to clean up. He was really good at cleaning his share, doing dishes, sweeping floors, his mom did a great job! And then I was flipping thru facebook pictures… I’m missing him ever so slightly, and the pictures of our good times on top of it, and the snow, and christmas coming… I miss him. I haven’t seen him since september, we e-mail or text once every couple of weeks. Why do I miss him now, today? Maybe it’s because my dearest Vanessa is starting a new adventure, moving to DC I’ve been going thru pictures and reminiscing. Maybe I’m hormonal and over tired. Maybe my sore throat is making me feel all choked up. Yeah, thats why I’m all weepy…sore throat. I really shouldn’t be crying, I had a lash fill yesterday, and they should stay dry for 24 hrs. I sent him a text, telling him I missed him, and then I did my dishes, laundry is started, reminiscing will get you nowhere.

I have a lunch date today, someone who initiated on POF. He says he likes my eyes, He hasn’t seen my boobs yet… I have a couple others I have been e-mailing, and Unicorn texts me daily, but I really feel good about being single. Well aside from the episode this morning. Dating is work, e-mail, text, then putting aside the time to go out. Honestly I have no idea how that girl did 50 dates in 50 days. I would have a breakdown. I would love to go for a hike in all this fresh snow, but my throat would burn. Stupid cold. I should go get ready… maybe put on some eye makeup…


2 thoughts on “Funny thing about feeling feelings

  1. NolaM says:

    I thought WE taught you how to keep your house clean and uncluttered…
    See THIS? Good… Now don’t do this. :-0

    I miss him too, just send him some more job stuff.
    I figure… If he doesn’t want to get bi-yearly emails from his ex’s comm’in’law…
    He can junk me. LOL

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