Vanessa and I have been “married on facebook” for a few years. We worked together at a pub, I liked her, Candace was our mutual friend, so when I hung out with her outside of work it would often be a trio. One night I had a huge fight with my ex, and I went down to work to have a drink and try to decide what I would do. (we broke up, and I moved out, then got back together a year later). I don’t remember if she was working or just hanging out, but she was supportive and funny. Events over the next few months are blurry, but the long and short of it was we started friendship. She is a few years younger, but mature beyond her years, compassionate, and fun. Most of my friends at the time were married or coupled, or out of town, so being shattered by heartbreak it was refreshing to go out and dance on a speaker. I met some of her great friends, and her family, we went out drinking and took turns driving while one or the other was intoxicated. Vanessa is the person who first took me to the yoga studio. Truly a life changing experience for me. We had movie nights, and breakfast dates, spent quite a bit of time at the strippers and saw Tenacious D in Vancouver!
During the year I lived in Calgary she came out to visit, and aside from my parents, she was the only one who made it out to see me. (My ex was going to once and cancelled, bad weather, fair enough…yep!) We went to the zoo, and she sat at my bar all night. One night we were chatting on the phone, people used to do that back in the day! And her brother had just gotten engaged, I said I wanted to be married, she did to. So we made it official on facebook. I think we are coming up on our 5th anniversary. I had a couple messages from people I hadn’t talked to since highschool asking if I was a lesbian, but mostly it went un noticed.
Vanessa is a nurse, and she is amazing at her job. Her demeanour on top of her ability to be calm in a crisis and intelligence makes her a key employee. She was promoted to a supervisor role at the hospital. Some nights she was running that shit. I am so proud of her. So proud.
Without telling you her entire life story, she decided to move, start a new adventure. She is leaving to go work in the U.S. I am equally excited and morose about the whole thing. Most of the sadness is entirely selfish. I’ll miss the breakfast dates, and her amazing friends and family. I’ll miss the random nights out, her hugs, sleepovers and so much more. I know that despite the miles between us she is always my cheerleader. And I hers. It was her idea to start this blog, another life changing experience for me.
I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people, and so much love, I am thankful for each and everyone of you… But My darling V is moving away. Now phone calls and skype will satiate my need, facebook, e-mail, and I can always use up some airmiles and hop on a plane. But I will miss her. She has had a farewell tour, but there is never enough time to see everyone and do everything.
So what is the point of this post? I want the world to know, without her, I wouldn’t have wrote, or gone to yoga. Without her I would be a different person. I am so thankful for every second I have had with her because I feel she has contributed positively to who I am. And I am so proud of her, every second of everyday. I’m excited to have the chance to watch her emerge shining.


2 thoughts on “Vanessa

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m very touched, and planning on bragging about the fact i got an entire post dedicated just to me! If we are married, do I count as a date? I am very grateful you hired me, the entire winfield experience, strippers, visiting you in calgary, late night drinks, yoga and breakfast dates have also been very formative for me. I consider myself extremely lucky to have such amazing role models in my life. You took me under your wing and I will always be grateful. I hope I come out shining and make you proud 🙂 Love you lots wifey. And I will see/talk/drink with you soon.

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