Goldylocks and the three bears

I had no idea what to call this one. We went to the wild scallion for dinner, he had been there before. He lives here in pen, has spent the last year and a half single, and now ready to date. He sounded very much like me on his POF profile. No picture so I went in totally blind. He was a day walker, fair, but more blonde, reddish face hair, cute. He was chatty, interesting, funny. He has 3 little girls, shared custody and a good relationship with his ex. I know the scallion closes at 8, our date was at 7, an hour is good for dinner, but not a terribly long time.
Dinner was great, an hour wasn’t enough time! I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about this guy. He claims to be super shy, but chatted easily with me. After dinner we walked over to a pub to have a drink, maybe play pool, but it turns out, neither of us overly enjoys pool. PERFECT! So we sat and chatted until I had to go home to bed. This head cold has been re-appearing at random, with exhaustion, coughing fits and sinus headaches. Last night was exhaustion.
I didn’t want to stop chatting with him. He walked me back to the car, and we hugged. It was easy and natural. Unfortunately… he is leaving after the holidays to work up north for a couple months. Shit. I like him. It seems like we have lots in common, and he’s not overtly needy. Maybe I can see him a couple times before he leaves town…

Folding laundry now, and trying to decide what to wear for tonights date with Unicorn. He is picking me up and we are having dinner, but I don’t know where. He told me he wants to make out with me high school style. Umm… man is he in for a surprise, high school style for me would be platonic hanging out and then me setting him up with one of my friends. next week I need to measure and weigh, it’s almost been a year! Happy hump day


4 thoughts on “Goldylocks and the three bears

  1. Vanessa says:

    I heard a rumor, meeting someone just before they leave town is actually a good sign.. 🙂

  2. NolaM says:

    Rubbing hands gleefully… Did you say… KIDS? LOL
    Your father mumbled something about ‘Germ spreaders’ under his breath but he was smiling…
    As usual… no pressure… but he does realize that your entire circle is kid friendly? 🙂

    • holleyrocks says:

      I hope so!! I told him about my bro, and he said something about how some people saw the kids as baggage. I replied with “you don’t want to date the kind of women who think your kids are baggage!”

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