low expecations

The next time I think 5 dates in as many days is a good idea, will somebody come over and slap me? Please. This is excessive. Ok, the guy tonight messaged me on match months ago, then again on POF, I’ve seen him come into the store a couple times. He has been suuuppperrrrr patient. This was a little worrying. I finally agreed to meet him for coffee tonight. He suggested Tim Hortons. I think I would like Timmies more if they had real whipped cream instead of edible oil product. I finished work, came home, loaded my dishwasher, talked to my mom, just BARELY changed out of my work sweats into jeans. I considered not changing, because I simply didn’t care. My shirt was dirty, but I didn’t bother to change it. Didn’t brush my teeth or hair, just wanted to get this over with.
He showed up on time, seemed nervous at first. As I chatted with him, I discovered he was sarcastic, super smart, and funny. A little warped, and doesn’t suffer fools. I laughed out loud a few times, I did not get from his e-mails or texts that he and I would get along. He was in the army, suffered an injury and is retraining. Is an online gamer, and yes he does sometimes wear a headset. AWESOME! He drives a new camaro. I love new camaros… I don’t know why, but I do. He has a big italian family.
I told him about my dating and blogging, he said it seemed like a cool idea, but he would never do something like that, because he just doesn’t like people. This guy reminded me of my brother. Probably not what he was looking for…


2 thoughts on “low expecations

  1. NolaM says:

    Your brother is from a big Italian family? hmmmn… That explains his love for glugging quarts of Ass burning hot sauce on everything? Hair…everywhere…He does make a mean spaghetti… huh. Who knew?
    So.. does he realize you adopt big families of friends and random peoples for fun? LOL

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