Unicorn, the second date

So this is the guy who asked for my number at the bar, He texts me everyday. Our date, he picked me up, and we went for sushi. He picked the place, and took charge ordering. I had to hold my tongue. I am so used to being the boss I know sometimes I can be emasculating. We chatted, he told be some great story about mud wrestling with strippers, I got to brag that I had danced on electric circus. Turns out right now he lives with his parents, working on recent move, new job and finding a place of his own. He was online dating, but seemed pretty fed up with it all.
After dinner we went to play pool. Anyone ever seen me play pool? 1) I suck. I don’t like doing things I’m not good at. 2) because I suck I have zero patience for it. I don’t care about lining up my shot, I just want to get it over with so I can get back to my drink. It was tolerable, we chatted, he beat me, and spent the majority of the time looking at my ass. I guess that’s why boys want girls to play pool? After I lost 3 games we went to a pub for drink. We chatted over drinks and I told him about the blog, and my dates, he didn’t have any super crazy dating stories. Nice guy, decent date. Another one down…


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