GTL and a potentially akward meeting

This one has been texting me for months. August? He didn’t text me once the few weeks I was with 13, perfect really. He works up north, and is only home every few weeks. Back in the summer we had arranged a date, and I cancelled. I got sick. Anyways… Rig worker, kelowna guy, nearly every time I text him he is going to or coming from, the gym, tanning, or doing laundry. One day he told me that he was condo shopping, he just had to live on the water, living close wasn’t good enough. OK. He is tall and beefy, the GTL and a few other things, I think this guy is kind of a douche… Kelowna shore type, shiny shirt wearing…
The last week he texts me everyday, and he has opened up a bit from sexting to telling me about a stint he spent in the hospital , near death experience, his friends and family. He grew up in Calgary, just moved to kelowna a few years ago. All of a sudden, I think he’s sweet. Now I may be wrong, but we will have to wait till next week to find out.
L&T had a Christmas party friday and I was going to meet GTL after. He cancelled on me. I was soooooo relieved. A date every day is too much. And Friday I felt crazy rushed. Work, some bakings at K’s then the Christmas party and a date? Insane.
I felt bad for GTL and we rescheduled for next week. There are a couple reasons. First the new softer side of him is appealing. Second he had a very good reason to cancel, a death in his extended family, and he felt he should stay and support his dad. Family is important to me, I respect when it is important to others. Third he phoned me. Instead of texting he called me in the afternoon to apologize (profusely, and twice via text) for cancelling. We chatted for a bit, and he genuinely sounded torn up. I tried to feign disappointment but like I said as relieved to have a night off. Then I got to bake, and just relax at the party, stayed late and had a good visit. I truly have the most amazing friends.
I headed back to Penticton, it was snowing, but I had to clean my house and wanted to sleep in my own bed. Goldylocks was texting me most of the week, was so sweet Friday, asking me to text him when I got home safe and telling me how he was looking forward to our Saturday date. I really haven’t found a single thing I don’t like about him yet. I got home around midnight and decided to meet D for a merry hoho drink. I went down to best damn to meet her, and saw one of my coworkers K. I walked up to say Hi and she tried to warn me that #13 was there. Oh, good. Not that it’s a big deal, I’m over it, but I wasn’t sure how he would be. He was there with a group, and I think a new girlfriend. That’s good for him. We exchanged hellos, he admitted to reading my blog still sometimes, head shake… I wonder if MrNRN still reads it? Anyways, it was all fine and dandy, D had a good laugh at my expense because it could have been a train wreck of awkward, it wasn’t bad at all. We went to the bar after and watched people dance. Some laughs for sure!


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