The vacuum sucks again.

That’s not really fair. He is a nice guy. We made plans early in the week for Saturday. He had hockey every night, and well, I had dates. This was a second date. I went out with him in the spring, he was my second date of the 40, super shy… But nice. I re subscribed to match, it was cheep, less than half price, so I figured, why not? When he saw I was back on there he e-mailed me right away. Having been out with this guy before, I knew he wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Movie date Saturday, we had plans to see the Hobbit. After Tuesday with Goldylocks, I wanted to see HIM again… Especially since he’s leaving in the new year for a few months. He wasn’t free till Saturday, he had the girls all week. No way I was turning down a second date with Goldylocks…
So I had a dilemma, cancel with vacuum? I asked him if we could meet earlier and go to a matinee? Yes! It worked out so I actually had 2 dates yesterday, afternoon movie then Goldylocks at night.
I went ahead and bought tickets, the Penticton theatre you also pick out your seats. Not sure I’m a fan, you can’t scope out the tall guy sitting in front of you, or the kids that will be kicking the seat behind you.
The movie was a full 3 hours, good, and a good date for the no talker. He was a little irritating tho telling me we better get there early so it didn’t sell out. I guess he forgot I was a responsible adult? Maybe he was just excited to hang out. Maybe he is a control freak. I paid, and this was the first time a girl had ever taken him out. Interesting. I asked if he wanted any snacks, I had face timed with Lib instead of having lunch, so was starving. He said no, I got popcorn and rootbeer and peanut butter M&M’s. Then he ate the popcorn and drank my rootbeer. WTF. What if he has the herp? Why didn’t he just say what he wanted? Lame… Afterwards I came up with an excuse, house cleaning, washing my hair, something like that so I could go home to shower for the main event!


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