My thighs are sore…

Date number two with Goldylocks. We texted all week, and all day friday and saturday. He took the girls shopping and had some running around to do Saturday during the day. He lives a good 20 min out of town and offered to come pick me up and drive me up to his house so I didn’t have to drive in the dark and snow. Now, a secluded spot and his house for a second date, probably not something I usually would have done. He asked if I wanted to go for an ATV with him, his brother and his sister in law. I was up for it. I pulled out my old snow pants, I think one of my girlfriends in high school gave them to me, they are thin and worn. I went and bought a new pair from winners, it was time.
He came by my house and picked me up in this gigantic one tonne crew cab truck. Kdawg and S were out in the driveway, they both knew him, so someone knew how to find me if need be…I was dressed for function not fashion, but It was refreshing for him because his ex was always done up to the 9’s. I like a man who can accept the fact I don’t brush my hair…and I own a lot of sweatpants…
The ride up to his house was a good chat, he is interesting, my car probably would have made it up to his house, but i was relieved I didn’t have to drive. He lives on 150 acres, his bro and family and his parents both have houses on the parcel as well.
It’s a big beautiful house, and he keeps it clean. His garage is also big, and organized, I got a lady boner for his big beautiful tool box.
We were waiting for his Bro to get home, he made us a grilled cheese sandwich and we had a glass of wine. Chilled in his kitchen and chatted. It was cozy, the snow falling, the quiet and dark of the valley, the christmas lights on the house glistening the snow around the house in candy coated hues.
He has pictures of his girls all over the house, they are adorable! He is in for a world of trouble!!
I asked him questions about the break up, his family, the girls, work. I still can’t find anything I don’t like about him. He has family in town for christmas and he was supposed to head down to go visit, his niece was texting him, but… he hung out with me instead… His bro ended up going down, and told everyone Goldylocks wouldn’t come down because he was on a date. His bro told on him!!! He just texted me, they had a laundry list of questions for him, but it wasn’t too bad. He is really close to his large family, he says they are amazingly supportive.
It ended up just being the two of us. We geared up, snow pants, helmets goggles, safety first, he gassed up the machine and checked it over. Good at “man” things… OMG yes. We went for a ride up the mountain, easily 6 inches of fresh snow. It had stopped snowing and there was just a skiff of moon light. All the trees were heavy with snow, and Goldy made sure he navigated thru the branches without covering me. The valley below was sparkling snow, laden trees, there were deer hopping around, the rich smell of snow and burning gas filled my nose. Today my neck is a little sore from holding the full face guard and helmet, my thighs and lower abs are sore from gripping trying to stabilize (on the machine…come on…). The wrapping your arms around your date on the back of a machine is almost as brilliant as a second date pool/hottub night. Anyways, it was beautiful, he pointed out the deer, and at no time was I scared or felt I was in danger. He is a great driver. We headed back to the house, he made a fire and we watched a movie. Project X. I thought it was funny, reminded me a little of the big parties I had back in high school. The movie ended and I didn’t want to leave. So I didn’t… he has a HUGE bed and a view out onto a snow covered field. We put on some back ground music and could both starfish on this bed and wouldn’t even touch, but we did touch, he held my hand and played with my hair. It’s a bed big enough for a party… We stayed up late into the night chatting. I like listening to him, he has a great deep laugh, and a melodic voice. I still can’t find one single little thing that I don’t like about him, except maybe that he is leaving for 3 months.
Not being prepared for a sleepover he found a new toothbrush for me, a man prepared. A man who doesn’t love to shop so he stocks up when they are on sale. He had some last min shopping to do, and I needed to clean my house. We took his car back into town… he has a really nice car, loaded all wheel drive, I am a tire biter. He waved at every neighbour we passed. We stopped and went out for breakfast before he brought me home. I got home and was motivated to clean, did the kitchen and living room, mopped the floor, made dinner. He texted me this evening to see how my day was. He is great! SO great, and so leaving… BAH!


One thought on “My thighs are sore…

  1. NolaM says:

    Well… I for 1 highly recommend long distance courting. It put your father and I on a humour and friendship base rather than passion NOW. Yes it takes work… but so does life and love. Regular people that see each other daily have to make time for and pay attention to their best friend. If the one person you share your body with isn’t your best friend? Something is wrong. Download skype and enjoy your conversations. When they are with someone that you like, they are mind candy.

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