feeling neglected?

Sorry, I have been busy… I opened the store with one of the other girls Christmas Day, and it was a busy one…I went for Dinner at K’s, she had 10 of us displaced peeps for dinner, homemade perogies and chicken cordon bleu! Was a wonderful night. I was back at work Boxing Day, and back to K’s that evening, jerk chicken, mango salsa and rum punch. She is a spectacular cook! I left the party early to hang with Goldylocks, his bears were at their moms. He was willing to meet me at the party despite claiming shy, but I didn’t want to share him.
He came over and we watched Billy Madison. We share a taste in movies, and we stayed up late chatting, him holding my hand, stroking my hair. Still after 3 dates and marathon texting everyday, all day and night there isn’t a single thing about him I do not like. Except that he is leaving for a couple months, I’m not thrilled.
We have lots to talk about and I like his view on things, we have heaps in common, he has all the right boxes checked without the red flags that have come up with others. He may be extremely detrimental to the remaining 11 dates I was planning on. But… not going on the remaining 11 dates could be really good for work, and the gym. And all of my neglected loved ones, because lining up and going on dates takes time and effort. Time and effort that takes away from parties and friend coffee dates!
Anyways… a movie and late night chatting, followed with a pyjama party, and I cooked breakfast in the morning. We went our separate ways for the day, him taking care of the kids, me taking care of some stuff at work, and then he stopped in later that evening for dinner. We sat and visited for a few hours before he went to meet up with his brother and sister.
I could just gush over how wonderful he is but I’m sure it will get old! I haven’t told him about the blog yet… I’m scared…
I wiggled out of this weeks date with GTL, but we did chat on the phone, I may have judged him too quickly…it may not matter…I got it bad for Goldylocks.


2 thoughts on “feeling neglected?

  1. NolaM says:

    Was it about the numbers? Or a way to skim the pool at a surface level and learn what your 33 year old self wanted or needed?

    • holleyrocks says:

      I think it was about getting out and finding out what was out there AND what my 33 year old self wants. Besides, if you count more than one for MrNRN, plus extra dates with #13 and a couple coffee dates not counted… I’m there. Goldylocks is flipping fantastic…

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