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A fitting end for the vacuum

So I haven’t heard from this guy in a while. He texted me to see if I want to go to a movie. I wasn’t completely against the idea, but wanted to be clear that there would be no romantic involvement, I initially thought the man was shy, have since concluded he is a jerk. So I text him back, I would go to a movie, but not romantically, as I have found someone that I have crazy chemistry with. He is away at work, so I still have time for movies and things with friends. I was thinking he would just politely decline my company. Nope. He responded with a “well he’s out of town, we could still hook up…” Really? I was insulted, what the hell, I am not that girl, and who would want to knowingly date that girl? Not always, but generally, someone cheats on their girlfriend or wife to be with you, it’s only a matter of time before they cheat on you with someone else. I responded with a sarcastic, “as tempting as that sounds I’ll have to decline.” There really needs to be a sarcastic font… He didn’t pick up on it. His reply was “It’s nice to be tempting” with a smiley face. Ugh! So at this point I’m not going to a movie unless it’s at gunpoint. I texted him that I have lots of single friends, if he wants I’ll set him up… His reply… “Do you have pictures of them?” Fail. What a shallow jerk. I like my friends and have no intention of exposing them to this toxic man. I replied with a “NO”. Have I mentioned lately how great Goldylocks is…?


Adventure in the snow

10 years with my ex, and we only went to a handful of public events. A couple weddings, and they were under threat. Goldylocks is in town for a week, he invited me for a drink with a couple friends. Really? Public hanging out? Is that right? Is that how relationships are supposed to work? I was nervous. I went on 30+ dates, and was only nervous for the first one. I am confident, personable, and I mean 30 Dates, not a twinge. I didn’t give a damn. Last night I was nervous. I phoned Cherise, left her a message, partly because I felt silly, and she always puts me at ease. (Thanks buddy your reply was hilarious)
So a drink with a couple of his friends, the poor man was running on maybe 5 hours sleep in 36 hours. He is a trooper. It was chilled, and funny. He has great friends. I still struggle with public displays of affection, like I said 10 years, few public events, makes hand holding difficult. I just don’t even think about it. So while aching to hold his hand I was stuck across the table from him. Poor planning on my part! He suggested I drive him home, heck yes! However… He lives a ways out of town, and we had lots of fresh snow. A Plow hadn’t made it thru yet. I love driving in snow, ripping around, drifting corners doing doughnuts. Years of driving in the bush with my gramps, I don’t mind, I’ve even ended up in a ditch or two, or ten…
I had to take a run at one of the hills, twice, and learned how to turn off traction control. By the time we made it 3/4 of the way up the driveway, well, my poor little car couldn’t go any further, the deep, soft snow was not cooperating. We ended up in the ditch. So it looked like we were walking up to the house. Again a pile of fresh snow, and moon light reflecting off the mountains, it was a beautiful night. Unfortunately I was wearing slippers, and ended up on my ass a couple times. The snow was cushioning, no bruises. Goldy said I could have stayed in the car, he would have drove down to get me. I’m not the wait in the car kinda girl. 🙂 He suggested I hold onto him so I didn’t fall anymore, or at least we could fall together. It wasn’t till just now I realized how sweet that was, I laughed and replied I would be ok. Independant and obtuse me. It could have been an opportunity grope! I’m so dumb…
So this amazing man has had no sleep and is now starting up his truck to pull my car out of the ditch. Brushes off his truck, sitting for a month, warms it up and we head down to the car, he hooks a tow rope up to the car and after some pulling and sliding…. Bahah sounds dirty… Voila! Car in his driveway parked in front of the garage. I was insanely impressed by a) his ability to do “man things” b) the fact he was completely exhausted but still smart and proficient c) the positive and knowledgable directions he gave me to keep me and my car safe d) he kept the laughing and pointing to a minimum as I spent more time on my ass in the snow then standing. Damn slippers! Goldy said he was sorry we spent an hour and a half getting my car out, but I think it was fun, an adventure! A fun and unusual date! He just gets better and better.
I didn’t want to get out of that enormous bed this morning, but I suck at sleeping in, and I had to be at work. The drive down was much easier… fun in fact, and breathtakingly beautiful. Sunrise in the mountains with heaps of sparkling white snow. Goldylocks texted me to make sure I made it home ok. So flipping sweet. He has his bears for the rest of the week, but I’m hoping we can fit in another visit before he heads back to work.


Again Holley?

I have no shame. Well, very little. My mother spared no detail, gruesome or not. I have never been a good lier, and the rule in my house was if you told the truth, you wouldn’t get in trouble. No matter how stupid… Not that there wouldn’t be repercussions, but honesty would be rewarded. My parents didn’t lie to us. Open and honest. Sometimes I lose touch of the fact I had a unique upbringing. And not everyone has the ability to be so frank. Lots of people have sexual hang ups. Luckily I have some amazing friends (long term and short term, I have spectacular peeps!) that put up with my TMI (too much info).
Take for example yesterday… Miss E came down for a visit. We had a lovely afternoon, lunch at the scallion, and a little shopping. She brought me back and came in for a bit, we dug thru the tickle trunk and she picked out a pair of cute short-alls. I loaded her up with some homemade chicken soup as I had made too much, and was making potato leek salmon soup today.
She used the washroom, I was putting things away in the kitchen. She asked about the container in my shower, I make homemade sugar scrub, hemp seed oil, coffee and brown sugar with vanilla. It’s a moisturizing frappacinno smelling bliss. The hemp seed oil is good for cancerous skin cells. Really didn’t think much of it, but after she left I went into the washroom to pee. Sitting on my toilet I realize that my shower curtain is open enough that you can see the ledge. Along with my container of scrub My gigantic purple vibrator. “Tyrone” is just chilling on the ledge in all his purple jelly glory, the rabbit bullet jutting out at an angle that says “Hello! So nice of you to stop in!” This thing… It is enormous, I ordered it online and when it showed up and I unwrapped it I wasn’t sure where on earth I would put it…. I figured it out. I had used it, and washed it, so at least it was clean. I found the entire situation funny, had a good toilet laugh, not enough of those! Sent miss E a quick text to say, hey buddy, thanks for being so cool about my apparatus display.
This isn’t the first time I’ve been busted loving myself. When I lived with my ex, he had been away for the weekend, when he came home he was with a group of people, they came in to use the washroom. One using the main bath, and he sent another into our ensuite. I was watching a movie, ignoring the group of them, when suddenly I realized…. Oh shit. In the ensuite on the counter was my freshly washed vibe. (That one was not so big, more of a “Mark”). Not just on the counter but on the sink, right beside the hot water tap. The poor girl using the washroom couldn’t turn on the tap without knocking it over. I just sat in the chair, laughing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone run out of the house so fast. I wanted to call after her… “Don’t worry… It’s clean!”
Anyways… Back to cleaning and sorting, and some food prep for the week, I’m going to amend my Starbucks consumption to blogging and girl dates. And this Friday I will weigh and measure! Goldylocks will be home for a few days…Sigh…mid week or so… So excited!

Working on the night shift…

It’s less depressing to work at a liquor store on a Friday night. People are off work, ready to party, instead of without work, and sad. Or retired and drinking their kids inheritance. I’m not sure how many of you have watched a loved one drink themselves to death. It’s UGLY. Sometimes I feel a moral dilemma. Yes they are adults, but I sell booze and cigarettes. Not all customers are depressing,
I guess you see more during the day while everyone is at work. I work tonight, and needed a coffee, but a blog was necessary, if you can’t keep a promise to yourself…
I awoke to a “happy Friday beautiful” text, oh Goldylocks… Swoon. Also my girl T and face raper who I would like to rename sunshine, beat me on the draw. I sent out a few texts, and got motivated, made chicken vegetable soup last night, got it in the crockpot, cleaned my kitchen, mopped the floors, stripped my bed and did laundry. Cleaned the crumbs out of my half a couch crevasses. Poor half a couch. Then the sun was shining, and I geared up for that hour I promised myself. It was sunny, not too windy, right around 2 degrees Celsius. I managed 6k in that hour, was wonderful, however, the road is bare, the trail is still a skating rink. I bet I could have shaved 2 min of each K if I didn’t have to be so cautious. Nearly bit it once, but thank goodness for yoga and a good core, I saved a bruised ass. In my motivated whirl of cleaning I forgot to weigh. Ah well. I’ll weigh twice next week! Better get on my way, my boss is a real pain in the ass about being late… 😉


I haven’t had starbucks before work in 3 or 4 days. This morning, likely due to my self imposed rules… I wanted it bad. Real bad. Like pimp slap someone bad. And it’s Wednesday… No whopper for dinner… Dammit. I practiced a bit of yoga, cold in my house tho… My abs, lower and obliques are sore, I must have done something right! I have a wine date friday after work, a snowshoe date Saturday, and a Sunday dedicated to cleaning and sorting. Goldylocks will be home for a few days next week, I don’t see getting a tonne of time, kids and family he has to see. I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂 Karma will be back and likely with new workouts for Friday. Drinking more water, I haven’t been as famished today, maybe I’m just thirsty! Weigh day Friday. Happy hump day all!

I sigh a lot…

This morning I woke before my alarm. Just so damn excited to go to work! I showered, got ready packed 18 items for my lunch, sent a couple “good morning” texts (these are wonderful! Goldylocks sends them to me, and I have decided to pay this wonderful, smile inducing thoughtfulness forward). I was hard at work a couple hours earlier than normal doing inventory, and before I had a chance to send the rest of my good morning texts, they started coming in! So fantastic, sunshine to start my day. “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, Make me feel important. Never forget this message when working with people”- Mary Kay Ash.
I am a bottomless pit. An average menu during the day while I’m at work…
Oatmeal with quinoa, fruit and nuts
2 shakes with Greek yogurt and fruit
Fruit and or veggies
Pepperoni or beef jerky (mmmmm….MSG, and salt…) cheese
I live for belvita breakfast bars despite the sugar
Salad with cheese and meat
Usually some sort of dinner, Thai on this particular day, green coconut curry with chicken rice and veggies.
I have now made it thru the junk food at my house so I can really focus on eating well. Miss E sent a list of rules she had made for herself to be ultra ripped by spring break, I will do the same.
-no chocolate
-no Starbucks unless I am coming to blog
-no more whopper Wednesday. So sad… I guess this translates into no more burgers. I love beef. However, there are better beef choices to be made.
-one hour per day dedicated to my cardiovascular and or mental health. A walk, some gym time, or some yoga.
-do more yoga. Yes it’s hard, it’s supposed to be. But it makes me feel spectacular. The last part is what I need to remember.
-no more watching entire seasons of shows in a week on project free TV, they will still be there… I watched 5 seasons, 12 episodes each of sons of anarchy, in a little over 4 weeks. Excessive.
-No more working during my time away from work. 40 hours per week. I will delegate duties I do not have time for.
-drink more water, even if its in tea form. That sounds nicer, Drink more Tea.
-less sugar, in everything, be conscious about it.

Nothing outrageous here, but challenging, there may be a surge of blogs in order to get some Starbys! I am in like. Smiling to myself, sighing, daydreaming, like. I spent the night at Cherise’s, her husband made us dinner (stir fry, yum!). I had a chance to play with Mime, after she went to bed we had a couple adult beverages and visited. I managed to make both Cherise and her hubby feel a little queasy with my smiling and sighing and swooning. Cherise has been around, I had to ask her, what happened to me? When have I ever been this girl? Generally I have a cool to touch demeanour, guarded? She said I sparkle, and I haven’t found someone else that sparkles like I do… until now. My ex, he had a warm glow, but not a sparkle, #13 was a straight cut mat. My mom sent me an e-mail, she has resolved to not comment as much on here, she scorned me at the self doubt. I thought I had done a good job of burying it in my post. Ma picked it out. I deserve to be with someone that is too good to be true. I deserve it because one should get back what they put into a relationship and I am too good to be true. Thanks Ma. So deep in like, and attached to my cell phone for the sweet texts that brighten my already brilliant days. I am hopeful that when Goldylocks is home this like will translate into real life. Time will tell.
Done my tall (I know… mini bliss no venti tonight!) and headed home to kick my own ass doing yoga. Maybe sort thru some kitchen stuff, bedroom, bathroom and closets done! I feel amazing…





I will not get sick.

I don’t feel great. Stupid flu going around, I had planned a good blogging and a hard work out, but will opt instead for a nap. Weighed this morning, and despite feeling thin, was 177, so around the same as last week. Maybe the loaf of banana bread consumed, and the almost eaten thru junk food. I will not get sick…

Hump day

I woke up this morning feeling thin. Thin and sexy. Always a good start to the day. Then I spent my time dawdling and didn’t have time to shower. Honestly, no idea what I was doing… But anyways, got dressed, t-shirt, ball hat, jeans. I got to work and my jeans kept falling down, it’s a combination of stretchy jeans slightly too big, no belt, and a super low cut. No reason for me to show off my ass crack, luckily I had an extra pair of leggings in my bag. The troublesome jeans are in the to go pile. Thank goodness I had back up pants!
While at work yesterday one of my co challengers texted me. He started the vi challenge on Saturday, he has felt amazing… And from Saturday till Tuesday he lost 9 lbs. I am SO proud. I think I was even more excited than if I had lost the weight myself. He was a little skeptical about the product, so his progress is extra exciting!
I’m still a pit… I didn’t weigh because it will be Fridays, but all I do is eat! This morning I had a mango Greek yogurt and mango juice shake, Vanilla snack pack, 2 kiwis, 4 turkey pepperoni sticks, some cheddar, another vi shake, coffee yogurt with chocolate almond milk, and butterscotch flavouring (bulk barn yessssss! Butterscotch, amaretto, and banana cream) a handful of strawberry gummies, also a bulk barn purchase. Chicken enchiladas, hummus and antipasta with crackers, and a gigantic David whiskey white tea with honey. I’m going to have to eat after the gym too…
I missed the gym yesterday, and today will be straight cardio. I did some lunges and squats at work, it was that slow. I also broke down a pallet of boxes. I guess it sort of counts. I have heaps of things to do at work, but trying to train, and leave things to do while training. A girl can only do so much dusting! Thank goodness for sales reps and delivery drivers! The one driver shamelessly flirts with me. I thought at first he was just really nice, yep, I’m obtuse… But one of my staff witnessed the interaction today. She was just looking at me as he left. I started to laugh, “that was some shameless flirting?” “Uh yeah, holy smokes, I felt awkward” was her reply. Being a sex symbol is such work… Just imagine the heads I could turn if I showered! Hahah…weigh day Friday.

Been locked out of heaven, for too long

Yesterday I stayed at home all day. Didn’t get dressed or leave the house. I spent all day cleaning and organizing. Although aerobic activity would have been awesome, I did a pile of sorting and purging… It feels good. Getting rid of all this junk makes me feel thin… Odd? Maybe. But I’ll take it.
I baked banana bread yesterday, and then ate almost a whole loaf. It was delicious… I’ve almost made it thru all the junk food, there’s just a beauty PB cup left…

It was in my stocking at work… So excited to eat that!
Ummmm… So I’ve managed to let Clifford, demure, GTL and low expectations know I am interested in someone. Unicorn sent me a text, he was seeing someone, was that ok? I assured him it was more than OK. He asked to read the blog, and I forwarded him a link. I heard from not one but two friends out the other weekend that they saw one of my dates, he managed to get kicked out of two bars, one for fighting, one for being over served. Awesome. Another bullet dodged…I’ve seen the alpha DB, ginger logger, and MrNRN out with other girls (I make eye contact and smile, but would never say anything, some girls get super jealous and weird) seen the creeper creeping at the bar, and Genuine enthusiasm waved, was driving beside me, and because of my unique car, spotted me in traffic. I stopped dating for #13. But although he was sweet and attentive, I felt like I was missing out, or maybe I wasn’t ready? This time, I am not missing a thing. I am in fact thrilled to not be dating. Goldylocks… Makes my hair stand up, just thinking of him makes me feel electric. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this kind of chemistry before? I am crazy about him, but he doesn’t make me feel crazy… Make sense? No drama, no red flags, he’s too good to be true? Still nothing about him I don’t like. I get texts throughout the day and I spend my time moon eyed swooning over my cell phone. He is adorable. Come on march…
Karma just came home from a weekend away with a renewed vigour. It’s exciting. Eating 7 times a day, this works for me, and with my current hollow leg that’s about how often I eat. Still having a shake during the day, and one after the gym. Rocking heavier weights. And more cardio, I don’t know that I’ll make it in the morning for the 45 min Karma will do, soon I’m hoping it’ll be nice enough to squeeze in a 5k after work… Tonight doing shoulder presses I had a hell of a time keeping it together, the fat roll on my armpit was quivering with every extension, which would make me giggle. I’m pretty sure there is muscle quivering under that fat roll. It made me laugh, I couldn’t look at it. Karma paused the timer so I could get it together. I am pretty sure I made other people laugh too… Pink knee socks, black and orange shorts, green tank, purple sports bra, white sports bra over the purple. I don’t know who dressed me…
Had a little iTunes shopping spree this weekend, so a kick ass playlist is in the works, to get ready for the extra cardio. I’m off to drink my shake in a salty bath… My arm fat is sore already…


Yeah, that’s me. I’m the one in the tinfoil hat.

Some where along the way, I have become a weirdo. As a 20 something I went on a date with a guy, he was 10 years older than me. We had picked up some takeout, and when we went back to his house he reheated it in the toaster oven. He didn’t have a microwave, he said they would give you cancer. He also didn’t have a TV or cell phone because of his fear or cancer. He smoked if I remember correctly, but I guess you pick and choose your battles. Anyways… I remember thinking he was a wack job, good thing he was cute. I mean really, who is afraid of a kitchen appliance?
I don’t have a microwave…I have become that 30 something wack job! I don’t have one for a few reasons, 3 feet of counter space, I found when I had one, I rarely used it, so when I moved I gave it away. There’s one at work, but increasingly I’m leery about using it. I just took my toaster oven in as part of my home purge and to further decrease microwave use.
I rarely eat processed food, TV dinners weren’t something I grew up with, my ma made real food. Pretty spoiled to have a mom at home that shopped and cooked and baked instead of working. I shop the perimeter of the store, venturing into isles for a select number of things. I don’t have any microwave meals in my freezer. It’s my opinion they are full of chemical preservatives and sodium. They are produced to make companies money, not to nourish mankind. Don’t get me wrong, pizza pockets are delicious, but generally they are not something I would think to buy.
I read a book called the 100 mile diet. Was interested in the concept. Now living in Canada, it’s not the easiest feat to undertake thru the winter months, but it is possible. I try to buy locally as much as possible, love the farmers market. So eat local, buy fresh and real food, and cook meals. Microwaves could still play a role in real cooking, the reason I try to steal clear, it is rumoured to change the molecular structure of items cooked.

The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking (
“Recent research shows that microwave oven-cooked food suffers severe molecular damage. When eaten, it causes abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems. Not surprisingly, the public has been denied details on these significant health dangers.”

There are refutes to these claims, and I’m not a molecular scientist, I mean it’s on my list of things to do… but…who knows for sure. They claimed smoking was a health benefit in the 50’s. Whoever “they” are. So yes I have become a microwave skeptic, I’ll be using the toaster oven at work, boiling water and reheating using a stovetop, throw back style. Maybe I’m super hip, maybe I’m crazy…
Forgot to weight this morning, was doing my squats (65), and because I am in desperate need of lashes I wore makeup. I forget it takes time to apply. I was also having a fight with my practical self because I wanted to wear some super hot heels, but with the snow and ice, walking in stilettos not the best decision. Next Friday weight posted. One of my co challengers dropped 4 lbs in a week! So amazing, he was also eating thru the junk food in his house to get rid of it. 🙂 glad I’m not the only one…
I figure I have freed up approximately 20 hours a week not dating. 20 hours to spend cleaning, working out, blogging, watching Sons of anarchy, texting Goldylocks… (Who is still wonderful…). I went to the pool this week with T and her girls, a movie with D, Parental Guidance was really funny. I don’t feel like I am missing out on a thing not dating. I guess I may have taken it a little overboard…funny, doesn’t sound like me…?? HAHAHAHA… Happy Friday all.