the only cure is more cowbell

I have a fever… Well not really. I still haven’t found a single little thing that I don’t like about Goldylocks. 2 weeks of daily texting, and a handful of “dates” He is a devoted father, sweet, smart, kind, funny… I can not get enough of him. He says I make him feel tingly, and I think that would be the best way to describe how he makes me feel as well.
I told him about the blog, and the dates, I was nervous to tell him, I didn’t want to… but I had to. He was amazing about it. I told him I didn’t want to go on the rest of the 11 dates, (GTL gets shut out again…). He was cool, said that if I had a thing that I was doing and wanted to finish it he would understand. After all he is leaving town, and doesn’t know for how long. I was impressed, more impressed by his realistic? Casual? Attitude towards it, he is confident without arrogance. I don’t think that me sitting at home waiting for him would be healthy, but there are plenty of other things I could happily spent my time doing instead of dating. People I could spent time and energy with that I know I like instead of strangers. If you go out shopping for a pair of shoes, and you try on a few pairs, once you find a pair that you like and feel good, you stop shopping right? I can’t wear these “shoes” right away, but they are sexy as well as comfortable…And TOTALLY worth the wait.
So there it is, I went on a few dates that I didn’t blog, I came close to the 40, But like I told my mother, it was more about getting out and finding out what I liked and didn’t than the actual number. I was extremely successful in that. 29 dates is still pretty impressive, and I’ve gotten some good stories.
Now I’ll have to stick to writing salacious stories about shenanigans, I’m starting another 90 day challenge with Brooke & Micah, Jan 5th if anyone wants to join, and back to digging into the gym and marathon training with Karma. Measurements and pictures for this week.
I worked on cleaning out my closet yesterday… some beauty outfits…let me tell ya. And I’ve joined a squat-a-thon, a perky bum is important… I’ll try to figure out how to post a link. Started yesterday with 20, today 25 and so on… It’s pretty slow at work so I can do squats and walking lunges between customers, maybe bicep curls with a 60 of crown. Run laps around the store, unload pallets of product… it’s liquor store cross fit! And on that note I should get back to work… Happy hump day y’all.


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