90 life changing days.

What a difference a year makes. Once again I am doing a 90 day challenge but without the skepticism I had a year ago. I started last Friday, I have 10-15 lbs to lose, but wouldn’t be heartbroken if I stayed the same. I am really looking forward to the cleanse, and getting my house clean and organized, and of course waiting for Goldylocks to come home to see where that goes. Have I mentioned how wonderful he is? Yes? Right… Just making sure…
So, starting stats, 5 foot 6 didn’t grow last year darn it.
Weight 176,
Measurements in inches
Neck 13
Bust 42
Waist 33
Hip 42
Arm left bicep 12
Leg left thigh 24 calf 15
Approximately 27% body fat, I had 3 websites, and 3 numbers ( this would be the mean)
Not going to the gym and being away or sick thru November and December I did gain a few lbs, once you have those fat cells, it’s easy to fill them back up, I like to cook, and eat, so I’ll have to build muscle to accommodate my calories consumption. Plus then I can impress people with the sleek lines of my well oiled “guns”
I still am physically pained posting before pictures, ugh… But before pictures are supposed to be bad? Right? It still makes me sweaty. Of course I see every line and roll, the areas I’d like to focus on are back and abs, I want a solid strong core, and rippling back muscles, I’ll take a great back over abs any day, I’m a girl, I think I should have soft curves. And I have accepted the plain fact I will always have tits and hips, so I will embrace and love them. People pay a small fortune for the right curves, i was blessed, thanks mom and dad.








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