Just because it fits…doesn’t mean you should wear it…

It feels good to fit into clothes you haven’t for a while…however… It doesn’t mean they are 1) in style 2) flattering 3) age appropriate. I used to bartend, I always had cash, and when I felt bad, I would shop or workout, I have a whole lotta clothes. Retail therapy thru break up’s means stuff… With my limited space I am in need of a clean out, over the next couple months while doing a 90 day challenge I’ve added a person cleanse component. Every drawer, shelf and cupboard will be touched, and I plan on voraciously sorting and cleansing. Anyone in need? Of anything?
I’ve started with my closet… 2 garbage bags to go to consignment or charity, clothes that are too big are going, clothes that are too small are also going, anything with sentimental value I’ll take a picture of before I get rid of it. And of course anything no longer age appropriate is going too… Some of these pictures are good for a laugh, and a few of you will recognize outfits. Some things are going in the tickle trunk… Like the denim onesie… Come on 90’s party…

Even with great legs, no reason for a 33 year old woman who is not a hooker to wear a skirt that short…

May be time to retire this tube dress to a skirt, too much body for that… And it’s always been that way, I’m just far more aware of it now!

White denim, yep…

All I can see in this picture is arm fat…

More ECHO, and baby pink terry short shorts

Another sweat suit? My 20 year old ass looked better in white pants. I wore this outfit on my first “date” with my ex. Oh the days…

I used to wear this to the bar, no bra, just sneakers, gotta be cool when you spend all night dancing on a speaker. I’m busting out now… Still have a few lbs to shed. It was fun going thru, so many great memories! and that’s where those outfits should stay, memories… Costumes. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Just because it fits…doesn’t mean you should wear it…

  1. Randi says:

    Aww coveralls, just like your momma 🙂

  2. Shane says:

    You still look hot as ever.

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