Hey everyone, come see how good I look…

Haha! Tricked you into looking at another dorky picture. Karma took this at the gym the other night. Yes that is a weighty 3 lbs dumbbell. I have hopelessly weak shoulders, and with supersets of 1 min each exercise 6 times, well, 3lbs feels much heavier by the end.

As you can see, I dress for comfort and function at the gym. Heavy duty sports bra, t-shirt, it’s custom, I ripped the sleeves off myself. Shorts. No makeup, hair in a bun or “pouf” (an un brushed mass of hair piled on top of my head, secured with a elastic). Ankle or knee socks I hate stuff around my calf, and my mizunos. Generally I’m a mess. Mosh mash of colors, I am a gym slob. I am amazed by the girls in their cute outfits, color matched and stylish. I guess I just don’t care. I don’t love the gym, I would rather be outside, doing push-ups in the yard like I am in jail. So when I go, I want to work hard and fast, and get out of there. With the recent resolution season upon us Karma and I have been going later, 7:30 or 8. It works, but definitely throws a wrench into my 9 pm bedtime! It’s also hard to get motivated to leave the house after a few hours being home, glad I have her to meet. So we worked out 5 days last week, Sunday I went for a run in the snow, really burned it out, beautiful in fresh snow and sunshine. I want to invest in snow shoes.
I have been faithfully squatting it out every day, 60 today, I’ll do half at work, and the other 30 at the gym tonight after some cardio.
Having 2 shakes every day, and eating mostly well, I am trying to eat all the junk food… You know, to get it out of the way…. haha… Honestly, it may be 90% in my head, but I have been STARVING. A bottomless pit, breakfast is oatmeal with quinoa, grated apples and cinnamon, sometimes I add raisins or goji berries too. I have some hummus and antipasta with carrots and celery or veggie wheat thins with avocado, grapefruit and honey or peanut butter off a spoon, don’t judge me, it’s delicious. Lunch is a shake, I add 2 scoops with fruit juice and Greek yogurt or almond milk with frozen fruit. Or peanut butter and coca…I like peanut butter OK!? Then I eat something when I get home from work, soup, toast and moms raspberry jam, sometimes peanut butter… Haha! Plain Greek yogurt with honey, I buy the plain and add my own honey, what the heck is “honey product” anyways? It freaks me out a bit. Sometimes I’ll be ambitious enough to put something for dinner in the oven for after the gym. I was planning on my second shake post work out, but it doesn’t seem to be quite enough. The other night I wanted a drink after the gym, never good to drink your calories, but I didn’t care. I made a vi cocktail, 2 scoops of vi mix with almond milk, ice and 2 oz biscotti Baileys. I know some of you will be horrified, but it was DELICIOUS, could have been better with a little peanut butter…
I weighed this morning, but I think I may change to a Friday weigh and measure, it’s generally not as hectic of a day as hump day, and I started on a Friday this time instead of Wednesday. But I did enjoy writing hump a lot. 174.6 so a -1.4 since Friday. Happy hump day!!!


2 thoughts on “Hey everyone, come see how good I look…

  1. Vanessa says:

    you know you will recieve ZERO judgement from me on the peanut butter issue. or the baileys for that matter.

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