Yeah, that’s me. I’m the one in the tinfoil hat.

Some where along the way, I have become a weirdo. As a 20 something I went on a date with a guy, he was 10 years older than me. We had picked up some takeout, and when we went back to his house he reheated it in the toaster oven. He didn’t have a microwave, he said they would give you cancer. He also didn’t have a TV or cell phone because of his fear or cancer. He smoked if I remember correctly, but I guess you pick and choose your battles. Anyways… I remember thinking he was a wack job, good thing he was cute. I mean really, who is afraid of a kitchen appliance?
I don’t have a microwave…I have become that 30 something wack job! I don’t have one for a few reasons, 3 feet of counter space, I found when I had one, I rarely used it, so when I moved I gave it away. There’s one at work, but increasingly I’m leery about using it. I just took my toaster oven in as part of my home purge and to further decrease microwave use.
I rarely eat processed food, TV dinners weren’t something I grew up with, my ma made real food. Pretty spoiled to have a mom at home that shopped and cooked and baked instead of working. I shop the perimeter of the store, venturing into isles for a select number of things. I don’t have any microwave meals in my freezer. It’s my opinion they are full of chemical preservatives and sodium. They are produced to make companies money, not to nourish mankind. Don’t get me wrong, pizza pockets are delicious, but generally they are not something I would think to buy.
I read a book called the 100 mile diet. Was interested in the concept. Now living in Canada, it’s not the easiest feat to undertake thru the winter months, but it is possible. I try to buy locally as much as possible, love the farmers market. So eat local, buy fresh and real food, and cook meals. Microwaves could still play a role in real cooking, the reason I try to steal clear, it is rumoured to change the molecular structure of items cooked.

The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking (
“Recent research shows that microwave oven-cooked food suffers severe molecular damage. When eaten, it causes abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems. Not surprisingly, the public has been denied details on these significant health dangers.”

There are refutes to these claims, and I’m not a molecular scientist, I mean it’s on my list of things to do… but…who knows for sure. They claimed smoking was a health benefit in the 50’s. Whoever “they” are. So yes I have become a microwave skeptic, I’ll be using the toaster oven at work, boiling water and reheating using a stovetop, throw back style. Maybe I’m super hip, maybe I’m crazy…
Forgot to weight this morning, was doing my squats (65), and because I am in desperate need of lashes I wore makeup. I forget it takes time to apply. I was also having a fight with my practical self because I wanted to wear some super hot heels, but with the snow and ice, walking in stilettos not the best decision. Next Friday weight posted. One of my co challengers dropped 4 lbs in a week! So amazing, he was also eating thru the junk food in his house to get rid of it. 🙂 glad I’m not the only one…
I figure I have freed up approximately 20 hours a week not dating. 20 hours to spend cleaning, working out, blogging, watching Sons of anarchy, texting Goldylocks… (Who is still wonderful…). I went to the pool this week with T and her girls, a movie with D, Parental Guidance was really funny. I don’t feel like I am missing out on a thing not dating. I guess I may have taken it a little overboard…funny, doesn’t sound like me…?? HAHAHAHA… Happy Friday all.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, that’s me. I’m the one in the tinfoil hat.

  1. NolaM says:

    Wait… Forehead slap… we may have been the recipients of an ‘Interesting Factoid Data’ Dump.
    Thanks. 😉
    Your father said… “If you don’t stop mentioning it… everybody is gonna know that Peanut Butter is your password.”

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