Been locked out of heaven, for too long

Yesterday I stayed at home all day. Didn’t get dressed or leave the house. I spent all day cleaning and organizing. Although aerobic activity would have been awesome, I did a pile of sorting and purging… It feels good. Getting rid of all this junk makes me feel thin… Odd? Maybe. But I’ll take it.
I baked banana bread yesterday, and then ate almost a whole loaf. It was delicious… I’ve almost made it thru all the junk food, there’s just a beauty PB cup left…

It was in my stocking at work… So excited to eat that!
Ummmm… So I’ve managed to let Clifford, demure, GTL and low expectations know I am interested in someone. Unicorn sent me a text, he was seeing someone, was that ok? I assured him it was more than OK. He asked to read the blog, and I forwarded him a link. I heard from not one but two friends out the other weekend that they saw one of my dates, he managed to get kicked out of two bars, one for fighting, one for being over served. Awesome. Another bullet dodged…I’ve seen the alpha DB, ginger logger, and MrNRN out with other girls (I make eye contact and smile, but would never say anything, some girls get super jealous and weird) seen the creeper creeping at the bar, and Genuine enthusiasm waved, was driving beside me, and because of my unique car, spotted me in traffic. I stopped dating for #13. But although he was sweet and attentive, I felt like I was missing out, or maybe I wasn’t ready? This time, I am not missing a thing. I am in fact thrilled to not be dating. Goldylocks… Makes my hair stand up, just thinking of him makes me feel electric. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this kind of chemistry before? I am crazy about him, but he doesn’t make me feel crazy… Make sense? No drama, no red flags, he’s too good to be true? Still nothing about him I don’t like. I get texts throughout the day and I spend my time moon eyed swooning over my cell phone. He is adorable. Come on march…
Karma just came home from a weekend away with a renewed vigour. It’s exciting. Eating 7 times a day, this works for me, and with my current hollow leg that’s about how often I eat. Still having a shake during the day, and one after the gym. Rocking heavier weights. And more cardio, I don’t know that I’ll make it in the morning for the 45 min Karma will do, soon I’m hoping it’ll be nice enough to squeeze in a 5k after work… Tonight doing shoulder presses I had a hell of a time keeping it together, the fat roll on my armpit was quivering with every extension, which would make me giggle. I’m pretty sure there is muscle quivering under that fat roll. It made me laugh, I couldn’t look at it. Karma paused the timer so I could get it together. I am pretty sure I made other people laugh too… Pink knee socks, black and orange shorts, green tank, purple sports bra, white sports bra over the purple. I don’t know who dressed me…
Had a little iTunes shopping spree this weekend, so a kick ass playlist is in the works, to get ready for the extra cardio. I’m off to drink my shake in a salty bath… My arm fat is sore already…



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